The Guardian Devil

Chapter 2 “The Reunion”

Lucifer's P.O.V

I am not a morning person, not even a bit and my alarm clock can vouch for that. It has never been brought to use since the day I bought it. I even sometimes wonder why did I even bother to buy one, when I clearly know that I just hate getting up early. My hatred towards my alarm clock increases ten folds when I have the early morning meetings because that means i have to wake up listening to its annoying sound .

For other days Asher handles the situations pretty well, but I need to be present in those stupid meetings when a deal needs to be signed. And today was again such a day as I needed to finalize a deal for which we were preparing since long. So I needed to get ready soon, as Asher was already waiting for me downstairs for breakfast.

Sometimes  I wonder whether its my mansion or his. He lives in the mansion; with a walking distance of mere 10 minutes from my place yet he is always present at my place rather than his..not that i am complaining because if not for Asher I would be all alone in this huge mansion. In fact, if not for Asher I would be alone in this world with no one by my side.

He is the only person who is both my friend and my family. Not that I will ever tell him this, but i will always be grateful to him for being there for me when even my own family was not there.

I don't have a cooking staff as there is no fixed schedule of my eating and also because most of the time I and Asher eat at the diners. The cleaning staff comes daily at fixed time but doesn't stay here.

I quickly search for my necktie in my closet when my eyes land on the wooden box I placed at the back corner. I pick up the box and slowly open the lid to see the neatly folded white scarf which now has lost it's color. Even after washing it for several times, the still remaining rust colored spot reminds me of that night even now.

It's been two years since that night..since the night I met her for the first time and saw the selflessness in the innocent and pure soul in front of me.

I don't know why but I never could make up my mind to throw the scarf away. Every time I feel anxious or I feel the need of someone to be present with me on a hard day, I always run my fingers on the soft fabric and somehow all my anxiety and loneliness disappears.

Somehow for reasons I can't understand, this tiny piece of cloth gives me strength to fight with this world and makes me fell alive the same way my nameless angel made me feel that night.

I looked for her the next day and I am still looking for her till date; using all my legal and illegal resources, but to no avail. It's as if she just vanished in thin air with no traces of her.

"Man.. we are going to be late for the meeting if you spend even a minute more in dressing yourself up. We still have to visit the diner for the breakfast and no matter what..I am not going to miss my you better hurry up" Asher shouted jerking me back from my trance.

I hurriedly kept the scarf in the box and placed it at the back corner of the closet again. I quickly knotted the tie around my neck while walking downstairs towards the living room where Asher glared shooting daggers at me with his eyes. Trust me when I say hungry Asher is never good. I bet..apart from me, the only thing that matters to him is food.

We stepped out of our car in front the diner we regularly visited..firstly because it was just two lanes away from my company's headquarter but mostly because their coffee is to die for.

As soon as we moved towards the diner my phone buzzed in my pant pockets so I took my phone out and motioned Asher to go in, while I stood near the wall to attend the call.

After finishing the call, I turned and started walking towards the door of the diner, when suddenly I felt a petite figure bumping into me and clutching the back of my shirt.

I couldn't even turn back completely to look at whosoever she was when I heard the voice which froze me in my place.

"Please help me" was all she said; her voice fading at the end, her weight falling and her grip on my shirt loosened as I immediately turned and held her and stopped her from crumbling down on the ground.

I was so happy that I finally found angel..but my blood froze as soon as my eyes landed on her. Anger flushed through me when I saw bruises all over her face and arms. Blood was oozing from her wounds and she looked extremely malnourished.

She looked towards me with pleading eye before she finally closed her eyes weakly as she fainted. I placed my one arm beneath her knees and another one around her waist as I lifted her and walked towards my car.

After placing her securely on the passenger seat I closed the door and started moving towards the driver's seat when my phone again buzzed.

"Arghh...why does my phone keep buzzing" I growled frustratingly. As soon as I moved the slider to answer I had to immediately move the phone away from my ear due to the screeching voice from the other side.

"What the hell! Where are you? I have almost completed my breakfast and you are still not here." Asher yelled.

"I am going back to the mansion" I answered with urgency clear in my voice.

"What? Why? What about the deal? You know how important this deal is; to the company. Everyone was preparing so hard for it." Asher squealed.


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