The Guardian Devil

Chapter 6 “Dinner”

Lucifer's P.O.V

I was getting anxious of my angel's well being. I have no clue if she was alright, or whether she needs any help. Why was she taking so long..and the worst part being, that I could do nothing for now, except standing here and wait for her.

I need her to feel safe here and for it to happen, I need to take things slow and really carefully, which I am fine with.

I want her to be herself, without the fear of anyone judging her. I want her to be comfortable here and I can't ruin it by barging inside, just for curbing my anxiousness and worries. I will give her as much time as she needs.

The door opened and I saw my angel wearing my clothes, which no doubt were huge for her petite figure, but she nonetheless was looking extremely adorable in them.

Seeing her, a smile automatically formed on my face. I wanted so much to touch her wet hair and remove the few strands that fell on her face and stuck on her cheeks. It was really hard to maintain my composure and prevent doing anything that will make me regret later. So I quickly composed myself and motioned her to follow me to the stairs, down to the dining area.

I walked very slowly taking small steps to match her pace. She was clearly struggling to walk. I reached out my hand to support her, but quickly pulled them back, knowing she would not be comfortable by the touch. But I was constantly on alert mode, so that I can help her immediately if she was to trip. Her comfort was important, but her safety was my first priority and will always be like that.

We reached the dining room where Asher was waiting impatiently. He frowned and gave me a look; accusing me of making him wait for so long. But his expressions changed immediately when he saw my angel fidgeting behind me.

Seeing Asher looking at her, she moved further behind me subconsciously grasping the back of my shirt.

A part of me was heartbroken to see her this fearful, but at the same time another part of me was happy that she subconsciously trusted me enough, although not completely, but still.

It gave me hope, that with time she might trust me completely and feel safe with me. It gave me hope, that the future I imagined; might be possible with her in it, of course, only if she will be willing.

I turned back and gave her an assuring smile. Realizing she was grabbing my shirt, she instantly pulled her hands back. I frown at her action, but quickly masking my displeasure, I pull a chair for her to sit. After seating her comfortably, I took the chair next to her, Asher sitting in front of us.

" Hello lil sis. My name is Asher. I am Lucifer's best friend and live a few blocks away. What's your name?" Asher asked cheerfully probably trying to make a small talk and getting her comfortable.

She nodded slightly responding to his greeting, but that's all. But the spark that came in her eyes when Asher addressed her as sister, didn't go unnoticed by both of us.

Asher looked at me hopeful to get some details, but I just shook my head in response. Understanding that she needs time, we both continue the conversation, though not getting any answer or response from her was making it difficult, but we were adamant to not lose hope.

Even with Asher's continuous nonsensical blabbering and my occasional talking, we are unable to get any response from her.

She was continuously looking down at her lap, twiddling her fingers nervously and clearly looked tensed. She didn't touch even a single dish. Infact she didn't even look at the food in front of her.

"Hey..are you ok. Why are you not eating. Is the food not to your liking. Do you want something else?" I asked her concerned.

"W-what do I n-need to do in r-return?" she asked in a strained voice, fearfully.

I looked at her in puzzlement, not understanding what she meant.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"F-for the f-food" she elaborated still looking down at her lap.

A wave of fury rushed through my body, now that I understood what she meant.

Rage upsurged in me, realizing the level of torment my angel must have gone through, if she feels the need to return the favor, that too for getting something as basic as food.

I look at Asher and felt anger emitting from him too.

"You don't need to do anything in return for food to eat. Infact anything for that matter. You can live here freely without feeling the obligation to do anything against your will. You can do whatever you want to do, however you want to do, without thinking of anyone and anything." I said sincerely.

"Here" I said handing over the spoon to her, and encouraging her to eat.

She held the spoon with shaking hands, but still didn't reach for the food.

A lone tear slipped from her eyes, which didn't go unnoticed by me. My heart was paining seeing her like this. I felt really helpless and sighed defeatedly looking down, angry at myself, for not being there for my angel when she needed me .

"A-angela" I heard her saying. Her voice was barely a whisper and I immediately looked up towards her, feeling startled.


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