The Guardian Devil

Chapter 11 “Shopping- Part 1”

Lucifer's P.O.V

"Congratulations Mr. Knight" the supplier said with an indecipherable expression on his face. Fear and defeat was evident on his face but a forced smile was also plastered, which somehow made him look ridiculously funny.

I tried my best to keep myself from bursting out in a laughter fit, after seeing his expressions. After all, he was an important dealer to us, but still, a smirk unwillingly made its way onto my face.

I just finished my meeting with the supplier and as expected, the deal was in our favor.

I looked at my wristwatch. Half an hour! This stupid supplier took a whole thirty minutes of my time which I could have spent happily with my angel. I grunted frustratingly.

"Calm down man. Just half an hour has passed.. stop being so grumpy" Asher whisper yelled at me.

Just half an hour to finalize the deal and I was already eager to go back to our home to my angel.

I frantically looked at my watch every two minutes as I tapped my foot on the ground. Though the meeting was over, the final formalities still needed to be taken care of. Right now, there was nothing more I wished, than to dart off the room and go back home.

But I suddenly remembered that I need to buy a few things for Angela. There are many things that she might need.

I noticed in the morning that she didn't even have the basic things needed for a girl, which were obviously not present at my house; as there was no need of them, but now with Angela at my home, it was my responsibility to make all those things available to her.

"I need to go to the shopping mall before heading back to my home" I informed Asher, halting my steps while walking towards the door.

"Where?" he asked shocked and his eyes wide like saucers.

"To the shopping mall" I repeated in a 'duh' tone, rolling my eyes. Was it so much of a shock. But on second thought, may be it was, because I don't do shopping, especially not at a mall and Asher knows it well.

"I heard that. But where do you want to go after that?"

"Back to my home" Why do I have to repeat what I said just a few seconds ago, so many times. Is it so weird that I want to back to my home?.

"Are you sure you want to go back to your home and not to your mansion" he said astonishingly.

I immediately darted out the room. It felt like my cheeks were on fire and I bet my face was red as a tomato right now. It was as if I was caught doing something that was not supposed to be known by him, just like a little child caught by his mom, eating the candies she hid from him.

But it made feel giddy at the same time. I was confused at how can I feel shy, embarrassed and happy, all at the same time. A small smile involuntarily made its way to my face thinking about it. I have never felt this way before.

"Are you coming or not?" I shouted behind my shoulders.

"Of course I am coming" he said grinning and I instantly regretted asking him to tag along because knowing Asher, this is not going to end here. I can affirm that he will not stop to make fun of me, until my mind will burst out of my head.

We went to the biggest mall in the city which was owned by my company, just like the others. The manager of the mall came running to us as soon as we stepped inside. His eyes went wide as if threatening to bulge out from the sockets, on seeing me.

"It's an honor to have you here Mr. Knight. If you don't mind me a-asking, is there any special occasion for which you have graced this mall with your p-presence?" he stuttered while wiping the sweat off his face.

"Why? Am I prohibited to come and shop from the mall that I own?" I couldn't help but smirk at his fear and cowardice.

"I am so s-sorry Mr Knight. I didn't mean it in that way. Please let me personally a-assist you in making your sho-"

"We will shop by ourselves" I cut him off, waving my hand at him to go.

"Ohh..a.. yes. As you wish sir. Please call me if you need anything"he lowered his head and stepped back timidly.

I scoffed and moved towards the stores.

"What do you want to buy?" Asher asked walking beside me.

"A few things for my angel" I answered, a smile unknowingly forming on my lips.

I moved towards the cellphone store. When I told her in the morning to call me if she needed anything, I realized that she didn't have a cellphone to contact me. So a cellphone was the first thing on my shopping list for my angel. When I entered the store, all the staff was more than eager to be at my service.

"I want the latest cellphone with the best technical specifications. And.. it should be the most expensive one" I told the manager.

"Is this how you pick a cell phone?" Asher mocked.

"God. Please save my precious tech savvy ears from this torture." he placed his hands on both his ears clearly faking distress.

Tech savvy ears!! Is that even legit.

I huffed. He is such a drama queen!


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