The Guardian Devil

Chapter 13 “You have me, now and forever”

Lucifer's P.O.V

"What did you do?" Asher almost yelled, looking at me with a death glare.

"I didn't do anything" I scoffed, anger starting to build inside me because of his accusation.

"Then why is she crying? Tell me lil sis..did he do anything to you? Did he say anything? Did he hurt you? Are you in pain?" Asher rushed the questions, clearly worried about her.

Though I felt a bit aggrieved at how could he even think that I would hurt my angel in any form, at the same time I was feeling fortunate to have Asher in my life as my friend and family, for how genuinely he cared about the only person I loved, the only person who held importance in my heart and my life- my angel.

Love..yes I love her.

The last two years that I spent searching for her, I couldn't name the emotions I felt. I knew I was intrigued by her selfless soul, fascinated by her naive and pure nature but I couldn't figure out why I was so obsessed for finding the person I only met once.

Why did her scarf calm my nerves whenever I felt negativity surround me and most importantly, why just the touch of her mere scarf washed away the feeling of loneliness I had in my life and made me feel that she was there with me.

I denied the fact that I need someone in my life, I made myself believe that there is no place for anyone in my heart for such a long time and built walls around me so strong, that these became the absolute truth for me.

But she crushed my belief, and the longing for someone special, buried deep inside my heart surfaced again when she stepped into my life.

I thought that all that chaos in my head was because I was curious about her as I haven't seen such a compassionate and kind person in my life, but the moment I found her again, I knew that the emotions I felt for her were much more than mere curiosity.

I knew the moment I saw her again, that I loved her. I longed for her.

"Why are you so quiet? Why is she crying?" Asher snapped, bringing me back from my trance.

"This is what I also want to know" I said worried.

"I swear if she is crying because you said something that hurt her, I will-" Asher said gritting his teeth but was cut off by my angel.

"It's not h-his fault, h-he didn't do a-anything" she said between her sobs. Her voice was more of a whisper but was still audible. Giving her our full attention, both me and Asher turned towards her, when she spoke.

"Then what happened? Why did you panic?" I asked as quietly as possible, my hand unconsciously placed above her hand on her lap and my thumb rubbing on the back of her hand to soothe her.

I was constantly looking at her in hope to get her to speak something, anything, but instead of answering, she just sat idle with her head hung low.

My eyes snapped at my hand that was holding her hand to comfort her, when I felt the warmth of her lone tear that escaped her eyes and fell on the back of my palm.

"Angel" I tried to persuade her. Even a solitary tear of hers was enough to clench my heart painfully, and here she was crying incessantly. I subconsciously raised my other hand to wipe the tears off her face but stopped midway when she started speaking.

"Some m-memories flashed in my mind, t-the memories which I n-never want to r-remember" she mumbled, the latter part barely audible. If I was not listening with such concentration, I would also have missed what she said, no matter how close I was sitting beside her.

"Hey..hey..look at's okay. You are safe here. Whatever happened was in the past. I know it's extremely difficult to completely forget the atrocities you have suffered but I also know that you are strong enough to do so. Past, and especially a past with painful memories is not something that you can just tear off and chuck out of you life with a snap. It needs time and I know that with a heart as brave and courageous as yours, you will soon be able to overcome your fears and move forward towards a much more happy future. A future that you rightfully deserve." I said with a smile on my face in hope to assure and comfort her.

"And angel! Just remember that now you are not alone to bear the weight of your past. I am here with you now and I will remain to be with you forever, right by your side, unfailingly. I will make sure that nothing bad will happen to you and will not let anyone harm you..I promise." I told her, meaning each and every word I said.

Angela looked at me with her innocent brown eyes as if validating the truthfulness of my words. After a few good minutes of glancing at my face and trying to decipher something, she wiped her tears with the back of her fingers and nodded slightly.

A smile made it's way on my face and I was relieved to see her demeanour, that was now much more calm and relaxed than her previous panicked one.

"Now tell me. Why were you just drinking a glass of juice when you were hungry? And you didn't even finish it."

"I l-looked in the pantry to g-grab something to e-eat but all the food items were extremely e-expensive so I took only a glass of j-juice." she said looking at me.


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