The Highest Summit

Chapter 7: What's your tattoo?


We’ve been here a week now. The first three days were awkward. Alex, Chloe and Liz desperately tried to involve Bobbi in whatever we were doing, but she always refused, keeping to herself. After Scott and Matt showed up things changed. It’s like she was replaced completely. She only talked about her mountain climbing career on that first evening and refrained from any further talk. She is still getting sad, but at least she doesn’t disappear for hours leaving us wondering. But I still can’t forget what she said when I caught her in the water.

Me: Are you trying to kill yourself or something?

Bobbi: No. I would only do that on a mountain.

I wonder if she meant it. I tried to find a way to talk to her without the others, but ever since Bobbi became fun everyone wants to be her friend.

“Hey Bobbi, wanna play volleyball?” Daniel asks her. Daniel is a sophomore just like Bobbi and Chloe. He is kind of a loner, but recently I’ve seen him hang out with Mason and his shadow, Ethan.

“Uhm, no thanks,” she says returning to talk to Chloe.

“Hey beautiful,” Ethan says to her, but she ignores him. What a douche that guy is. He thinks he is God’s response to women’s prayers. “Hey, Bobbi,” he tries again.

“Get lost, Ethan,” Chloe growls.

“Shut up, I wasn’t talking to you,” Ethan says unfriendly and glares at her.

“Hey, that’s my cousin you’re talking to,” Bobbi stands up and gets in his face.

“Sorry, but I was talking to you. She shouldn’t talk when she’s not asked,” Ethan says. Wow, what a misogynistic pig.

“Excuse me?” Chloe asks standing up as well.

“Why don’t you leave us alone?” Bobbi asks in a calm voice, but the way she’s standing I can tell she is uncomfortable.

“Bobbi, I wanted to ask you if you would go out with me?” Ethan asks her. Bobbi is taken by surprise, but she quickly composes herself.

“Thanks, but I’m not interested,” she says.

“Come on. We would look cute together,” he says and reaches out to touch her. I want to step in and pull him away, but before I can move Scott stands behind him and speaks.

“Didn’t you hear? She said fuck off.” Ethan turns around and glares at him.

“You are not her boyfriend,” he challenges.

“And neither are you. What’s your point?” Scott counters. At that Ethan just scoffs and walks away.

“Thanks,” Bobbi says with a small smile.

“Anything for you, honey bunny,” he says smirking.

“For God’s sake, Scott, stop calling me that,” she says exasperated, but smiles brightly.

“Hey Bobbi, Chloe, you guys wanna swim?” Justin asks from behind me.

“Sure,” Bobbi says and starts undressing. As she walks toward the water she loses one clothing item after the other and passes by me in just her cute little black bathing suit. “Captain, you coming?” she asks looking over her shoulder and smiles. I didn’t even know that she knew who I was. We barely spoke a few words and those were just random hellos and goodbyes, after that awkward encounter a few days ago. I smile and follow her, getting rid of my tee shirt. We play a little in the water with a ball making small talk.

“Captain, I gotta ask,” Scott says joining us. I look at him with furrowed eyebrows.

“Why are you always looking at me like you could kill me?” he asks. At that I look surprised. I wasn’t aware I did that. I guess I don’t really like the guy.

“Don’t worry,” Justin says. “He always looks like that, especially, when he doesn’t know the person.”

“Really? How come you have a murderous look on your face when you see me and heart eyes when you see the Ice Queen,” he says tilting his head toward Bobbi. Thankfully, she is out of earshot, the girls chasing each other in the warm lake water.

“Oh my God, that’s exactly what I said,” Justin says, putting his fist in his mouth to muffle his laughter and I glare at him.

“That’s because he has the hots for our little sis,” Matt says joining us. “And don’t try to deny it,” he says giving me a knowing look.

“She is a nice girl and she’s Alex’ sister,” I say casually.

“Bullshit. You totally have the hots for her,” Scott says and I glare at him.

“Who has the hots for who?” Alex asks. I turn to look at him, before looking back at the others, pleading with my eyes for them to shut up.

“Captain has the hots for Bobbi,” Scott says. Dammit.

“What?” Alex asks surprised.

“They are exaggerating,” I say dismissively.

“So, you don’t think she’s hot?” Scott asks teasingly.

“Uhm, she is beautiful,” I say.

“And she’s hot,” Derek says. Alex and I glare at him. “What? She is.”

“That’s my sister, dude,” Alex says.

“Relax, man. The boy’s right. Bobbi is a hottie, even if she doesn’t see it. She actually thinks she is an ugly duckling,” Matt says watching his cousin.

“Come on,” Liam exclaims in disbelief looking over toward the girls. “That can’t be true.”

“It is,” Scott confirms. “When it comes to boys she isn’t really the flirty type. I don’t even think she knows how to flirt. I mean on purpose.”


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