The Highest Summit

Chapter 15: Icy Bobbi kicks ass


It’s lunch time and we have all gathered in the cafeteria. We sit at our regular table and we talk about Bobbi’s day so far. She was really upset when every teacher gave her a test. On the bright side, they promised that if she sucked they wouldn’t keep the grade on record, but if she does well she already earned a few credits. She tells us about her day so far.

“So far, you all are in my classes, but given that we are only half way there,” she stops talking, looking over her schedule pensively.

“It’ll be fine, Bobbi,” Adele reassures her.

“Yeah, your first day is almost over,” Abigail chimes in.

“What else do you have?” I ask her and she hands me her schedule. “Spanish, geography and PE.”

“I have Spanish,” Adele says.

“And we are all in geography together,” Derek adds.

“Hey, you guys have PE at the same time as we do. That’s odd,” I say.

“What? Give me that,” Liz says, taking out our schedule. “Yeah.”

“Why?” Justin asks no one in particular.

“Who knows. Maybe Ms. Jacobs resigned or was fired.”

“Who’s Ms. Jacobs?” Bobbi asks.

“The second PE teacher,” Abigail answers. “I don’t think she resigned. I think she got married.”

“Same thing,” Chloe says sarcastically.

“Does this mean we have a class together?” Bobbi asks hopeful.

“Yeah,” I answer her smiling.

After lunch we say goodbye and all the seniors head to their science class, while the sophomores head to Spanish or whatever other language they’ve picked. When it’s finally time for PE I’m glad that I will see my girl again. I never thought I would miss her so much. The guys and I change in the locker and I hear a few sophomores talk about the new girl. I listen in to see what they have to say.

“Did you see the hottie?” one of them asks.

“Which one?” another inquires.

“The new girl, Barbara,” the first one clarifies.

“Oh, yeah. That’s one fucking hot chick,” the second one says laughing.

“Hey,” I growl and realize I wasn’t the only one. Alex stepped up too.

“That’s my sister,” he says.

“And my girlfriend,” I say a lot more forceful than Alex.

“And our friend,” all my friends say in unison.

“Sorry, man. Didn’t mean any harm. I was just complimenting her,” the first sophomore says a little intimidated.

“Next time choose your words better,” Alex almost spits. We finish in the locker room and head into the gym. Our gym has two separate parts, the usual high school gym with a basket ball field and a secondary room with work out benches and even a fighting ring. Kunal, our trainer and friend, let’s us work out here. I look around to find Bobbi, but apparently neither she nor the others are here yet.

“So, Sam, where’s your little girlfriend?” Mason asks mockingly.

“Right behind you, jackass,” Bobbi says and even though she’s short she stands tall.

“Watch it, smurf,” Mason says glaring at her.

“You watch it,” I say pushing him away from her.

“Better a smurf, than a ball-less prick,” she says.

“You think you are so smart,” Mason growls. “Captain, you better put a leash on your little mascot. She might bite someone.”

“Of course I bite. I’m a regular bitch,” Bobbi says mocking him.

“Enough,” we hear Kunal command. We look at him and Bobbi turns around to get a look at who spoke. “Mason, how many times do I have to tell you not to mock the newbies?” Kunal asks and looks at Bobbi. “I’ll be damned,” he says. “Icy Bob,” he says with a wide grin on his face.

“Shang-Ri-Nal,” Bobbi says and runs into his open arms. They hug and laugh and talk and the rest of us just look at them dumbfounded.

“Shang-Ri what now?” Justin asks and I shrug.

“The fuck are you doing here?” Kunal asks her.

“Could ask you the same thing,” she says smiling widely.

“Teaching this weaklings some self-defense moves before the boogie man gets them. What about you? Shouldn’t you be on a mountain somewhere setting a new record or somethin’?” Kunal asks her.

“Been there, done that,” she says laughing.

“Did you go for the big one?” Kunal asks and while Bobbi keeps smiling her mood shifts.


“And?” Kunal asks excited, oblivious to the mood change.

“Reached it.”

“Congrats, baby girl. I knew that you could do it,” he says, picks her up and swirls her around.

“Hey, are we going to learn something here or just watch you inappropriately touch one of your students?” Marisol asks. I haven’t even noticed her until now.

“First of all, watch your attitude. Second, I’ve known Bobbi for years and she’s like a sister to me. Third, not that’s any of your business, I’m gay. Now, everyone, five laps. Run. NOW!” Kunal orders. As Bobbi tries to get in line to run with us Kunal stops her and pulls her to the side. While we run the two of them talk. Bobbi must have told him what happened. I wonder if he too knew the guys who died. When we’re done, he sends half of us to the punching bags, while the other half does push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. Again, Bobbi skips this part and they talk some more. While we warm up, he and Bobbi go to the middle of the room where the ring is and face each other. They soon start sparring and I stop my sit-ups and watch them.


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