The Highest Summit

Chapter 21: Knights in shining armor


The next two hours are a blur. After the guys and I beat the shit out of those low-lives the cops and an ambulance came. The two guys were arrested and Marisol was taken to the hospital. Principal Reyes went with her in the ambulance, while Kunal organized us to go to the police station and give a statement each. I was too upset to drive and asked Alex to drive my truck.

This wasn’t how I planned this evening. I wanted to give Bobbi a night to remember, a wonderful memory, something that would strengthen our bond, but instead this happened. And to think that Bobbi fought those two guys alone before we came. I’m so angry with her for running toward them, but at the same time I can’t deny her courage and strength. She saw someone in danger and immediately jumped in to help that person, even if that person was a real bitch to her. But she could have been hurt or worse. I don’t even want to think about that. I pull her closer to me trying to calm myself down. We asked Kunal not to call our parents; there was nothing anyone could do right now, the sexual abusers were arrested, we all gave our statements, Marisol is in the hospital safe and taken care of.

“Don’t ever do that again,” I say to Bobbi and she turns her head to look at me.

“I can’t promise you that,” she says sternly. I know this was a long shot. Bobbi is a strong, independent person, but I need her to understand how afraid I was, afraid of losing her or seeing her get hurt, how afraid I still am.

“At least call for help next time anything like this happens,” I say.

“Sam, I understand where you’re coming from, but there was no time. They already…” she says but stops herself. I nod. She doesn’t have to say it.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt,” I say and she smiles softly at me.

“I know, but you keep forgetting that I know how to fight. Nevertheless,” she says as she sees I want to argue, “I am thankful you guys came out to save the day” she says with a chuckle and looks at me, Justin and Derek.

“Please, that was nothing,” Justin says, trying to lighten the mood.

“By the way, how come you came out in the first place?” she asks looking at me.

“Scott called when he couldn’t reach you. Just as I came out I heard you shout at those guys and saw you run toward them. In that moment I saw red and ran after you, to protect you,” I tell her. I will never be able to thank Scott enough for calling me in that exact same moment. I know Bobbi can fight, but can’t a guy be a guy and protect his girl?

“What about you two?” she asks bending forward a little in her seat to see our friends better.

“Liz and Abigail wanted us to do that stupid group dance from Brazil or wherever the fuck it came from,” Justin says scoffing. Bobbi chuckles at that.

“Well, I’ll have to send them flowers or something, because I didn’t just have one knight in shining armor, but three,” Bobbi says and then whispers into my ear, “but only one of them is Prince Charming,” and pecks my cheek. I smile like a goofball.

“Let’s go, gang,” Kunal says as he comes to where we sit.

“What did the sheriff say?” Justin asks and stands up first.

“The two guys are in custody and for now your statements suffice. Tomorrow, when Marisol feels better and is able to talk, the sheriff’s department will send a female deputy to take her statement as well,” Kunal informs us. “We should all go. There’s nothing any of us can do here anyway.” We nod and follow him outside

“You okay, Bee?” Alex asks as we approach my truck. He waited until both Bobbi and I were done with our statements before he came out here to call our friends who stayed behind at the school.


“I called mom and dad,” Alex says.

“What? Why would you do that?” she asks frustrated.

“They deserve to know, but I haven’t told them that you picked a fight with those guys. I just told them you noticed what was happening and then the guys took charge,” Alex explains. As we get into my truck and Derek and Justin drive back with Kunal, Bobbi and Alex continue their argument. I’m thankful that Alex accepted to drive again, since I much prefer to sit in the back with my arms wrapped around my girl.

“You know, I really can’t decide if I should thank you for not worrying mom and dad too much or to be mad that you left out that I kicked ass,” she says.

“Would you prefer to be grounded again?” he asks looking at her in the rear view mirror for a moment before returning his attention to the road. Bobbi opens her mouth to retort, but then closes it and pouts. She knows he is right, but the stubborn child in her won’t allow her to back down too easily. “Sam, is it okay if we drive back to the school. I really should pick up Maggie, my date, and drive her back home. She texted that she would wait for me,” Alex says and glances my way for a second.

“Sure, no problem,” I say, glad I can prolong my time with my girlfriend, even under these circumstances.

After we pick up Maggie and promise our friends we would get in touch with them tomorrow, we drive back home. Maggie lives on the opposite part of our neighborhood and we get her home first. While Alex talks to her in the front I pull Bobbi closer to me, relishing the feeling of having her so close to me.

I got really scared tonight. I know, objectively, that she can defend herself. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, but I still feel this incredible strong urge to protect her from every kind of harm. My train of thought is interrupted when Bobbi stirs a little and shifts so that her mouth is closer to my ear. A shudder runs down my spine when she speaks softly, so that only I can hear her.


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