The Hunter's Tale


In a far unknown place, in an enchanted forest, lies a secluded kingdom of King Augustus II named Sapphirus. The name was derived for the magnificent Castle in the center of the Kingdom whose covered with glimmering sapphires. The people there follows a system of Ranks, which appears to each on the age of 7 to 9 years old. In cases wherein the child doesn’t bear a mark,he/she will be classified automatically as a Deorsum Fluens, which is also the lowest rank in their civilization.

                Sebastian Dubois Monseurett was included in the third rank class, the Venatores, and was a renowned person in their own guild being an Ace V rank. The guild where he belongs wasn’t the most popular, but as they slowly gotten more members every year, they rise their popularity in the overall rankings.

                Seb, on the other side, didn’t rise up easily. He did normally what everyone does, and got molded with every experience he got along his way. He was always seen together with Leones, who’s also his co-guild member, as they hunt and complete each mission given to them by their Guild Masters. 13 years after Seb became a Venatores, he now knew every way and every trick on hunting. And with his bestfriend Leones on his side, he knows they can rise together to became one of the best Guild Masters of their own guilds in the future.


Then one day, he stumbles into something he'll regret forever...


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Story about: medieval, hunters, assassins

Edited: 02.03.2019

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