The Hunter's Tale

Chapter 1: The Venatores

Power rushed inside me, my breathing ragged, body burning with indescribable force drawing me inside as if sucking me in. My mind getting clouded with darkness… eating me… controlling me… taking over me.

            “Huff… Huff…” I panted, kneeling on the ground with both arms supporting me. My visions blurring, I’m struggling to control myself.

            “Seb! Seb!” Leones called out. I can’t see him, I can’t hear anything, my ears deafened by agonizing silence.

            No… don’t… I can’t… take it anymore.

            With one deafening shout, throat throbbing, voice rasped, I discharged everything like waving forces around. The power already took over me. I was kept at the back, watching like a prisoner inside my own body, as I destroy everything around me.

            Leones came rushing, my body summoned a spear on hand. Arms extending, breathing in and releasing it along with a lot of unexpected force. The spear quickly flew towards the running Leones, he luckily saw it seconds before it pierce his chest giving himself enough time to try to dodge away. The spear flew through his side, leaving a laceration in his left arm. Blood drops from it, even after placing his other hand to try to put pressure on the bleeding wound.

            I screamed inside, trying to take my place back, trying to take over my body once again. But the force didn’t let me.

            Black mist surrounded me, and now my body wielded another force to summon a sword in hand, materializing from the air. Mages and sorcerers from the Elymas Magus Class, mainly Guild Masters in rank surrounded me, each one geared with their own conjuring powers and staff on hand.

            But with just a waved of my other hand, wind swished angrily, black mist rushed to them. Leaving them lying on the floor after, unbreathing…  lifeless.

            With a slam of my feet, rocks emerge on the ground, destroying everything vertically infront of me as if making me a grand way. A way carpeted with dead bodies, terrorizing silence that seems a chanting harmony for the force that took over me satisfying him.

            I walked my way, no one dared to open their eyes and look at me, no one stepped towards me as I walk my way wherever I am going. No one except Victoria.

            She’s standing on my way, as if waiting for my arrival. Clothes tattered, covered with dried stain blood. She stood there, not even minding what I can do. Her eyes blazing with sadness, shadow of pain and fear inside.

            “Seb…” she whispered, her voice full of unfaltering hope opposite to her faltering body. I halted upon hearing her voice that always caught me off guard. With that, I tried all my might to took over my mind and body again, pushing off the force that controls me over. In the end, I successfully did.

            I blinked couple of times, eyes blurring. I walked towards Victoria, who’s now slowly losing consciousness. Seconds before she collapses I caught her in my arms, tears pouring from my eyes. She’s been through a lot, trying several times to help me control myself, and continuously attempts again every time she fails. Even Leones who lies unconscious on the ground nearby now, tried very hard to get me back.

            And this all happens because of that stupid day, where everything in my life starts to turn into something hideously horrifying.



A year before…


            I was walking through the busy street of the Capital. Sapphirean people was now rushing pass each other like hungry eagle’s lurking around and spotting its next prey. Its harvest season, the time of the year in which everyone earns a pretty lump sum of money. This is also the time of the year in which our guild will earn large profits that will help us sustain the populace of our own guild while growing members each year. Recently, we’ve been drowned with new class births that needs guild to guide and be their new caring home.

                Venatores weren’t a popular class for the past years. Mostly of the new births bear the mark of Liber Hominem or the Elymas Magus classes, and it weren’t bad at first. Since our Class definitely lack manpower, new classbirths were much needed. But now, were slowly becoming over populated, it becomes hard to sustain. A lot of manpower aso requires more resources, since a lot needs to be feed, in addition to the growing demand of food supply for our Kingdom that also depends on us. Now, as the winter slowly approaches, Sapphirean’s starts to buy loads of necessities, which allows us to earn for our growing need of sustenance.


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