The love of a wolf

Chapter 7

       "What happened is Conner’s stone after five years the moon stone gathers so much energy from him it cant handle it and it can ether be cleansed or it can break. ” He leaned off towards the basement door. ” We have certain people that agree to cleanse our stones so we don’t attack people. Last night was suppose to be Conner’s time for cleansing.”

         “What do we do now?” “Their is two things, one we can wait and pray he can change back to normal in the morning.” I waited for a few minutes then asked. “What is the other way? Please he needs help?” He lowered his head and fidgeted with his cuffs again.

           “He clearly has a foundness for you." I lowered my head and nurveously tucked my hair behind my ears. “If you truly wish to save him we can get a temperary moon stone but to get it near him at this state will be hard." “I’ll do it, after all this is all my fault.”

         “You do understand as a mortal, this plan goes wrong you could be killed?” I didn't even hasitate I just held out my hand for the new stone and waited. He handed me a small moon stone out of his pocket.“It was ment for a child recently born but I can deliver another one after.”

           I grabbed it and started walking towards the basement door. “Oh yeah almost forgot you have to put it in his mouth.” I turned and staired at him in annoyance from the lack of information. He just shook off the look and sat down on the couch. I opened the door and managed to look inside.


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Story about: found out my roomates a werewolf

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