The love of a wolf

Chapter 10

       “Please i'm sorry, will you let me in and talk to me?” I staid quiet and listened to him apologise a few more times till he gave up and left away from the door. I know I couldn't hide in the room forever I just didn't know if I was really ready to face him. I grabbed the handle of the door and took a deep breath. I opened the door and saw the hall was empty so I started to walk down the stairs and into our livingroom.

       He was sitting with a look of wounder on his face, almost like he was trying to figure out where he had messed up. He looked at me and restrained himself from standing up and ambushing me. “Are their other types of beings and does the monster mash song I play every halloween insult you?” He burst out in an uncontrollable laughter. “Out of everything that has happened, those are the things you are worried about.”

       I gave a uncertain smile. “No the song is fine. Yes, their are other kinds of beings. “I gave a small worried look and he moved slightly closer. “We unsually don't tell mortals about us and i'm afraid I might of put you in a lot of danger.”

        I started looking around the room. He then lend his hand toward the couch as to telepathically usher me to sit down, I uneasly sat and waited for more of an explanation. “So my dad explained what our stones do right?” I nodded my head, well each species of beings has different color stone that chooses them. Their is red for arabians, silver for nothern rocky, green for indian, blue for artic, and purple for the steppe.” I stopped him for a moment, “what do you mean choose you?” “I mean if the stone chooses the people then why isn't their more beings? “He went over to the bookshelf and pulled a small book off the shelf. ” A long time ago their was a mine that was ran by a great and ancient dragon.”

        He started flipping through pages till he showed me a picture of a dragon with a kind of fairy looking person.” He would dig out and smooth the stones with care and love then give it to Gia to bless and give the stones left to choose who it wishes to help.” He closed the book and placed it back on the shelf. “A long time ago their were rumors that humans were given a purple stone to help even out the beings powers to their own. “He gave a sigh ,” but as all stories have it one human became greedy with power and not only slayed the dragon and Gia but he distroyed the mine so that no one could have power but him.”

        He came and sat back down, “they say because of this pursuit of greed Gia cursed all human's  stones turned to sand. ” I started thinking about the story and how I abtained to it. “The only reason a being would ever introduce themselves to a human is their need to kill them or cause they mean something to us. “My eyes opened wide, we then saw my necklace glow. A bang came from the roof.

       “What was that? It sounded like it came from the balcony.“ He got up and headed upstairs. I stayed in the livingroom. The house fell silent and I staired up at the roof.

        “I hope i'm not interupting something but I just dropped in for a bite.” I quickly looked to the side of me where a tall man with pale skin was standing. He started to walk towards me and I ran to the kitchen. “Hmm, fast food, come out little girl I need a drink. “I grabbed a small frying pan and hid in the pantry.


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Story about: found out my roomates a werewolf

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