The love of a wolf

Chapter 26

           “Maybe you should talk to this young mans father.” I then looked at Conner who looked just as shocked. A gust of wind blew into the room and angakuit was gone. “We have to see your father anyway for the wedding so lets go.” We then started heading back to the airport.

             As we were going I noticed the rickshaw was going the wrong way. We started to try and get out but a thick glass came down and locked closed. A gas came through the back seat and we became dizzy and couldn't break the glass. When I started to wake up I saw we were in a nice building. “Where are we, Conner are you okay?”

          I started shaking him but he wouldnt wake up. “Its okay he is only sleeping infact he should be waking up real soon. A man then opened a door and walked into the room. Wait I know you or at least I think I do. He smiled, I would hope you would recognise your my uncle.”

          “you, you killed my mother!” He threw up HIS hands. “Guilty as charged, but she rejected me!” As Conner started to wake up I felt an untollerable urge to hit him. I would then feel myself start to change.

            I was being forced to go on all fours from the pain. “Whats happening to me.” He started to smile and walk around me. “Your morphing into a complete demon form, your a omakai after all. After a few minutes I was half the size of the room and looked like a wolf, except with three tails.


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Story about: found out my roomates a werewolf

Edited: 18.10.2020

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