The love of a wolf

Chapter 28

             Rocky mountains, north carolina, we finally made it to the lost clan. His father came and took us to a giant log cabin resort. At this time of the year the mountain top just got some fresh dusting. “So how is your mom doing latly.” “If you truly care why not go and see her.”
              His father just grabbed our lugagge and rang a bell at the front desk. “A one room honey sweat." I smiled and we walked to a set of elevators. His dad scoffed at our door and told us he would come back later. We walked inside and saw a small kitchen and a balcony facing towards the sunset.
              As I started toward the window a gift was on the bed. “I wounder what this could be?” He sat next to me and I opened the box. Inside was a beautiful braided green and brown rope with flowers all over it. “Its beautiful and now that we have all the pieces we are one step closer to getting married.
            We then met him at the wedding area. "Son have you two love birds found a place for the ceremony. We looked at each other. “I dont know we havent had time to think since I turned.” His father looked confussed, "Were not vampires we can't turn people."
            I lifted my long fur cloak the artic wolves gave us and one of my tails fell out. “So its true you are the lost princess. Conner cleared his throat, “Actually I know a perfect place near here, seems we can get married and do the oathing all at onces. “Not rainbow falls son its over done.“ ”Traditional is romantic dad!" "and cleashae son.”


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Story about: found out my roomates a werewolf

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