The Man with the Missing Fingers

Part 2 - SIXTEEN

May 3


Jill laid it out for Harry over the phone.

            He wanted to know one thing and one thing only; who was the supplier of the meth where the fake gemstone was.

            Harry immediately saw an opportunity there and carefully jumped on it. He made an offer to Jill. Basically, Jill could purchase the meth supply through him; for he had a pass to the source overseas, and he had the wherewithal to smuggle the meth into the country. He could do it, but indeed certain conditions needed to be met. And those conditions needed to be extensively discussed, but not over the phone.     However, Harry stressed that for any deal to happen, three things needed to be settled here and then over the phone.

            The first one was for Jill to get rid of the remaining robbers. By now they probably knew too much about him and his involvement in drug trafficking. He did not want that.

            Secondly, Jill had to get rid of Carlson Dukes, or at least offer some kind of protection from him and his people. Jill laughed. He told Harry that he knew Carlson Dukes and reassured him that Dukes was a handful of mush. He could eat him whole for breakfast and spit him out in the gutter before lunch. A handful of mush, that’s all Carlson Dukes was. Harry felt less worried after hearing that; a dead weight had been lifted off his shoulder.

            Now for the third condition: Harry wanted Jill to kill the man who went by the name of Scarr.

            “Scarr?” Jill confusedly repeated. “Scarr what? What’s his full name?”

            “I don’t know,” Harry said. “I don’t know anything about him. But surely you can find him out. I mean, you guys can, right?”

            “Alright, alright––” Jill said. “I’ll ask around. I just don’t want to whack the wrong geezer.”

            “He’s after the dagger. But never mind him, just bump him off.”

            “Anything you know that can help identify him?”

            “Well––” Harry said thoughtfully, “He wears a long scarf.”

            “A scarf––”

            “There’s not much to tell about the guy. But he’s trouble. And I just want him gone.”

            “Alright,” Jill said. “Consider it done. However, if I do all these things for you, there’s no going back. Whatever your other conditions are, you and I are in biz. Just keep that in mind.”

            When Jill hung up, Harry felt his heart rejoice with contentment until he realized Georgina was in the room. He hadn’t heard her drop in. He began to suspect that she had possibly overheard the conversation, at least part of it–– She gave him a cryptic look and walked out without saying a word.

            This was definitely a doozy of a day.

            Meanwhile Chris Norris was curious to know what Harry had said on the phone. In response, Jill turned to him and signaled one of his men. The man pulled out a gun and executed Norris right there on the spot.

            The gun was then turned onto Hodgson, who quickly understood what was transpiring.

            “Wait a second––” he said holding his hands up. The executioner looked at Jill for instructions and Hodgson added, “Look, there are twelve million reasons why you should want to wait a second.”

            Hodgson told Jill about the bond money he was set to collect later that day; all twelve million dollars of it.

            “It’s all yours,” he said. “In exchange for my life.”

            Jill, who loved money like the next fellow, wasn’t about to dismiss such a humungous load of easy money. So he was hooked, and smiling, he promised to let Hodgson go for the money. And it was decided that Hodgson wouldn’t go alone to that meeting.


Edited: 15.04.2019

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