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Her Story

Ms. Dionna Jade McCrae is no typical woman. She is the fruit of the union of two prominent families in the business world. Her mother came from a prominent Filipino-Chinese family in the Philippines and his father is the 2nd son of a business magnate in Australia. Daphne Yuchengco and Magnus James McCrae's marriage had dominated the Philippine and Australian press for sometime.

Daphne Yuchengco however, decided to step away from the harsh and competitive world of business when Dionna Jade was born and their family settled in their quite, rural hacienda in the northern part of the Philippines.
But it was not long before Magnus James McCrae was summoned back to Australia by his family. His older brother met an unfortunate accident and as the second son, Magnus was obliged to take on the burden of the family business.

It was the start of a rocky marriage. Magnus James won't come home for weeks and when he did, he will end up fighting with his wife. And two or three days later, he will go away again.

Dionna Jade at 6 years old would unintentionally witness their fights because she wakes up in the middle of the night. Her parents was unaware of this and Dionna would go on to witness same scenario over and over again until she was 16 years old.

The last time she saw them fight was the night after her 16th birthday party. The very next day, his father left and didn't come back again until her mother died from a cardiac arrest.

Ever since her mother died, Dionna Jade and her father never spoke much to each other. Dionna Jade eventually developed a silent hatred towards her father for she secretly blames him for her mother's death.

After they buried her mother, she was taken to Australia against her will. Her father had taken legal custody of her and he decided to leave Philippines for good.

She continued her schooling in the University of Melbourne and took up business administration for the sole purpose of wanting to try to understand her father. She graduated as a summa cum laude and his father gave to her some Swiss bank accounts that was transferred on her name. He had been saving up money for her for the past 10 years and he initially planned to gift it to her on her 21st birthday.

Magnus James had been working on transferring his holding company's headquarters in New York ever since Dionna was in her 3rd year in college. And a few months after Dionna's graduation they moved to New York together. Magnus bought an 11 million penthouse in Hudson Square for the two of them.

It was during this move that Magnus started to openly tell his daughter about his plans for her and the company. He was expectant that she would be eager to learn how everything works in the company because she had graduated with a very notable achievement in her chosen course. He had high hopes that someday she will fully take over the business.

Dionna however, also began to openly show her stubborness about doing things her own way. She was determined to assert her freedom as an adult and make decisions for her self. She once considered living apart from her father but she hated the idea of him bringing a potential wife home when she is gone.  She stayed with him but coldly stated that she is going to live her life on her own terms.

As a first show of defiance to her father, she took a part time job on a cleaning company. Magnus patiently let her be and didn't say anything. She quit after four months and decided to apply for an intership in one of his father's subsidiary company. She took a genuine interest in the advertising world then but she did not stay.

Dionna Jade applied to be a regular employee in a much known advertising company and she achieved her goal after six months. After two more years she was promoted to a position of an account executive which is quite rare for a 24 year old to accomplish.

She thought her life would become normal just like everybody else. She will be a regular woman who has a good paying job and a thriving career and who will also marry someday and make a family of her own. She decided that she won't get involve with his father's world in business for she had witnessed how it shattered their family.

However at the very night after she and her father shared a private and quite celebration of her birthday, her whole fantasy was shattered. Damien Salvatore barged-in into her life, demanding her hand for marriage.

She had first met him at a birthday ball she attended with her father back in Australia. Magnus James usually offer her the invitation, hoping to make her feel included in his world. He also thought it would be a good thing to expose Dionna as his daughter to his business circle. But introducing her to Damien Salvatore became one of his biggest regrets in life.

Damien is a very successful businessman at the age of 35. He had inherited his father's group of companies and also took over as the head of the mafia family. He met Magnus many years back through a business deal and they had partnered with several business projects since then. Damien is a ruthless businessman, overlooking nothing in a business deal and he is known for demanding back everything that is owed to him at the due time he had set. Magnus kind of feared him but he was too much of a big partner to lose because Damien have billions.

Dionna Jade was dragged into their business deal when Magnus appealed to Damien for a two billion dollar loan back in the year 2018. It was to be used as a leverage in moving his business headquarters to New York. They struck a deal that Magnus would return the money in five years with a 500 million interest. Damien Salvatore knows his money's worth with time and he did Magnus a special favor of giving him such a big amount with only a 500 million interest. But he raised the stakes higher for Magnus when he demanded Dionna Jade to be made a collateral if he should fail in carrying out the deal. Magnus was enraged by this but he was desperate.


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