The Medium and the Biker

Chapter Five: Mystery Killer

It's been two weeks since I last saw Hayden, it's not like I've been avoiding him and the guys. I mean when I hear motorbikes coming my way I don't quickly run the other way, or when I see the distinctive Black leather vest with red bold letters reading the words Chaos MC. 

I may or may not have pretended I was in some sort of James Bond movie and hid behind a newspaper. 

I Know It's stupid but Hayden just makes me feel all kinds of feelings. 

I'm sure he just almost kissed me because I gave him a reading, and I don't want to get lead on like that. 

I mean he looks like a Greek God and I look like a burnt chicken nugget, it just doesn't make sense! 

So, I admit I'm avoiding him for me and for him so he doesn't have to feel obligated to be nice to me. 

I'm walking down the pathway towards my truck, just finished work for the day. 

Looking around I notice there's a lot of people out tonight, as I get closer to my truck I'm still looking at everybody when I step on my lose shoelace. 

I just knew there was no stopping this fall, I was going down. 

I squeeze my mismatched coloured eyes shut, pray to God I don't look too much of a moron when I face plant. 

Just as I'm cursing my lazy self for not tying my shoelace beforehand, I feel a large calloused hand grab on to my arm and aggressively pull me up straight. 

I didn't get the chance to thank the stranger when all of a sudden, I'm not on the sidewalk anymore. 

Everything goes black then I'm standing in front of a rundown house. 

I started to shiver like ice had replaced my bones enveloping my entire body. 

The stone walkway leading towards the anonymous house was cracked. Blood red roses are grown wildly in thick batches by the gate. The moonlight casts a haunting glow on the house. The house walls showed black decay by neglect, and splotches of original paint hinted at the house's former prosperity.  

My mind is screaming at me to get my butt out of here and run! But my legs apparently have a mind of their own, when my legs start moving towards the cracked stone walkway leading to the discoloured wooden door. 

It's like I'm being controlled, I try to fight it but as I get to the door and I put my right hand on the cold rusted metal door handle I know there's no fighting it.  

The door begrudgingly creaked open, A musty, dank odour creeps into my nose. 

Then I heard it the screams it tore through me like a great shard of glass. I felt my eyes widen and pulse quicken, my heart thudding like a rock rattling in a box. 

They wouldn't stop!

I realised that I gained control of my limbs again as I quickly spun around and sprinted out of the sickening house, visions of men and women being murdered their screams come, again and again, desperate, terrified.... Human. 

It was the kind of screams that make my blood run cold. 

It pierced my brain feeling like it's being split in half. 
I start to scream myself I cover my ears and fall onto my knees on the dry grass, squeeze my eyes shut and pray to all the Gods to get me out of this nightmare. 


"Micah!" I hear a familiar voice shout my name. 

I feel large warm hands grab my hands that are still covering my ears, I hesitantly open my eyes ravelling Ice blue eyes that can only belong to Hayden. 

I realise that he's staring at me in horror, I look down at my hands to avoid his gaze. 

When I see red blood on my hands, I see a flash of red roses then quickly shake my head. 

I touch my ears in confusion and realize to my terror my ears are bleeding and so is my nose.

I look at him again with wide eyes when the echo of the horrifying screams come back. 

I squeeze my eyes shut then the only thing I could hear was the sound of my erratic heartbeat. Then I was out like a light.



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