The Medium and the Biker

Chapter Eight: Problem Solving

After I told Hayden what happened we sat huddled together. trying to figure out how we were going to find and identify the murderer together. 

Together, we. 

I have always been on my own. It feels amazing to be able to speak freely about... well me.

I know that might sound selfish but I was never able to do that. I had to keep my mouth shut or I was sent to the loony bin and brutally punished for my "sinful" behaviour. 

Just talking about finding clues about the mystery killer with Hayden, without him looking at me in some kind of way. 

funnily enough, makes me feel somewhat "normal". Well as normal as it can be talking about multiple murders. 

"How about we talk this over with Pop's, see what he has to say."

I bite my bottom lip, thinking it over. Will Pop's believe, will he think that I'm making up dramatic scenarios to gain some attention?


I look up at Hayden when he pulls free my bottom lip from my teeth. 

"We can trust him, I promise."

I think about the smiley man and his warm hug that he gave me at the diner, a hug that a daughter should expect from her Father. 

The hug I wanted to receive my whole childhood but too afraid to ask. 

"Ok, let's talk with him."

Hayden smiles them stands up and pulls me up with him, then leans down and kisses my head. 

"Why don't you wash up and I'll see what Pop's is up to." 

I nod agreeing, then he leads me over to the adjoined bathroom.

I thank him and start to close the door when his tattooed hand stops it from closing.

"Hey, angel?" I hear 

I turn around and look up at him with questioning eyes.

"Everything is going to be alright, as long as your with me."

With that said he turns around and walks out the room. 

I shyly smile to myself and thank the heavens that I meet this wonderful man. 

My guardian angel. 


Once I was done in the bathroom, I walk back into the room to find Hayden lounging on the bed and Pop's sitting in a chair across from him. 

Both men smile at me when I make my appearance, Pop's gets up and walks over to me and gives me a big bear hug.

"Hey, there sweetheart! I was so worried about you. How are you feeling?" Pop asks with concern laced in his tone. 

He steps back and examines me from head to toe, looking for any visible injuries. 

"I feel perfectly fine Pop's, I won't be fainting anytime soon," I said as reassuringly as I can.

I smile up at him then look over to Hayden. He nods and clears his throat successfully gaining Pop's attention. 

"There's a reason why I asked you to come alone for this chat." Hayden begins then pats the space next to him for me to come over. 

I close the distance between us and sit right next to him making our legs touch. 

Pops reclaims his seat in front of us, then Hayden continues. 

"We have a serial killer in town." 

Pop's sat up straight, his expression turning from comforting teddy bear to a dangerous grizzly in a second. 

"And how do you know this?" He looks between Hayden and me rapidly.

I start to squirm and look up at Hayden. He looks down at me gives me a reassuring smile and grabs my hand, then looks back up at grizzly Pops. 

Hayden than proceeds to tell him what happened.

As this is going on I notice Pop's face getting pallor and pallor.

"The reason Micah fainted is that she lost to much blood from a vision she had about the multiple killings." Hayden finishes.

We both look at Pop's for his reaction, I didn't know what I was suspecting. 

However, it wasn't Pop's jumping from his chair and running out of the room and to come back later with a newspaper in his hands. 

He hands it to Hayden we both look down and I start to feel bile rise up from my throat. 

I jump up and run towards the bathroom, I fall down onto my knees in front of the toilet and throw up my breakfast. 

I feel someone pull back my hair, then hear Hayden mumbling reassuring things in my ear. 

But I just see the pictures of fifty missing women and men, the same women and men I saw being brutally murdered. 


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