The Medium and the Biker

Chapter Nine: Nightmare

After my little breakdown, so not my finest moment. Just seeing the pictures of the victims under the missing person section of the newspaper, made it all too real.

The three of us went down to Pop's office, passing by curious faces along the way. 

We gathered around Pop's laptop and started searching for houses that matched the description of the old house I saw in my vision. 

Hours pass by and still no such luck. 

"Why don't we call it quits for the night." Pop's sighs out. 

 I look at the time displayed on the laptop, it reads 12:30 am. I nod my head in agreement, wow times flies by when you're trying to find an old messed-up house. 

I sigh out my frustration and stretch my arms above my head. I guess its time for me to go.

"Hey Hayden, will it be alright if you could drop me off at the nearest bus stop," I ask hoping I don't inconvenience him too much. 

Hayden looks at me in what appears to be disbelief? and shakes his head rapidly. 

"No way angel. You're staying here with me, where I can protect you." 

"But Hayden.." 

I begin to protest, but get distracted when he stalks towards me wraps his arms around my waist, and proceeds to throw me over his shoulder. 

"Hayden put me down!" I squeak in surprise. 

I lift my head to look up at Pop's for help, but he just grins and shrugs.

"No can do angel. Your mine to protect, so you're staying with me until we get this guy, or if I have my way afterwards too." 

He says welts walking us to what I learnt this afternoon to be his room. 

I pop my head back down with a sigh and grumble incoherent words, too tired to protest at the moment. 


 I woke up to an ominous shadowy room with no wallpaper. Instead of a carpet, there were filthy floorboards that creaked and moaned when my......


What is going on?!

Then I realised once again I'm not in control of my... well his body. When his legs start to move out of the shadowy room and down the creaky stairs.

I feel I stand at about six foot something when he/me has to bend his head to get through the doorway. I start to feel dread when he walks down the wooden steps that lead to a basement. 

Then I hear it a muffled scream. 


"No! please no!" I shout internally pleading to the Clueless man. 

But its no use, he can't hear me. I'm trapped in a murders body with no way out.

When he gets to the last step, he walks forward into the dim light. revealing a man wearing a black shirt reading in bold yellow letters 'Steve's construction'. He looks around my age strapped and gaged to a chair. 

The young man starts to scream and squirm away from his capture. 

"Well, well look who's awake."  says the man with a sinister tone.

Instant chills went down my non-existent spine.

He walks over to a table on the far side of the room that has an old radio and a butcher knife resting upon it. His big grubby leather skinned finger reaches out to press the green play Botton on the radio. 

Classical music stars to play, he picks up the butcher knife and turns towards the young man. 

"NO!" I shout but with no avail 

The mystery man walks closer to the young man, making sweeping movements in time with the music. The young man eyes grow wide with each step the monster takes. 

"STOP!" I shout internally 

But it was no use.

Blood, red, muffled screams

When the music hit the crescendo, the monster pulled out a gun and....



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