The Medium and the Biker

Chapter Twelve: One Step Forward

Everything around me became a blur. My main focus was on the victim or the otherwise known as Sam. 

Sam has scorching fiery red hair, that looks burning to the touch. He has forest green eyes that currently holds the look of confidence, rather different to the last time I saw him when they held the look of fear. 

Once we were done talking about the designs that we would potentially use. We say our goodbyes and thank you's, then leave the building. 

I'm still in a trans like state when Hayden snaps me out of it by suddenly stepping into my path. He wraps his tattooed arms around my waist and picks me up, I look down at him in surprise wondering what was going on. When I notice the look of possessiveness shining through those ice blue eyes. 

"Why were you staring at that Simpson guy the whole time," Hayden growls out. 

I gaze down at him in confusion, thinking who the heck is Simpson. Wait could he mean Sam, is he jealous? I couldn't help myself I throw my head back and laugh, who would have thought that this big bad biker guy could be so adorable. 

Looking down I notice his eyebrows are furrowed, so I did the only thing I could think of to make him smile. I lean down and kissed him, and the world just fell away. It was slow, comforting and soft in a way that words won't be able to describe. When we broke apart, I rested my head on his and opened my eyes to reveal his beautiful smile. 

Mission accomplished.

" No need to be jealous. The only reason I was staring at him was because I remembered him, Sam's the victim." I say softly 

Hayden's dazed eyes widen in surprise, then we heard a throat clear breaking our moment. Hayden spins around with me still in his arms when we notice Pop's waiting on his motorbike. We both give Pop's a sheepish smile realising that we forgot Pop's was still here. 

"Sorry Pop's," we say in unison. 

Pop's just shakes his head and put's on his helmet, muttering something along the lines of being a third wheel. 


Once we arrived back at the clubhouse, we were greeted by four frustrated looking bikers. Steel, Demon, Joker, and Killer all stand in our path leading towards Pop's Office. 

"We are sick of being in the dark. Ever since the little brat came along, you've both been keeping secrets from us." Demon growls out, his dark brown eyes turning into a darker shade almost black with rage, as he steps forward. 

Hayden growls and starts to step in front of me however I beat him to it. I walk up to Demon his six foot something figure towering over my small structure. I look him in the eyes, then glance behind him at the three scowling men. They're the closest thing I have to a family, they deserve to know. 

" I Know it seems like I'm purposely calling attention to myself, keeping you four in the dark was never my intention. I'm truly sorry, it won't happen again." I say sincerely. 

The four visibly relax their tense shoulder's and nod their heads welts giving me a small smile. 

"So what's going on?" Joker asks Walts rocking back and forth on his feet, like a bored child that can't stand still. 

I look over at Pop's make eye contact and seems to get the message when he leads the four unsuspecting men to his office. However, Demon stops and turns around wearing an expression of guilt. 

"Sorry Micah, what I said was uncalled for." Demon says gruffly, I get the feeling he doesn't apologise much. 

"Don't worry about it, I got where you were coming from." I reply with a small smile.

Demon smiles and nods, then continue's walking towards Pop's office. 

I sigh and rub my face with my hands, exhausted from today's roller coaster of emotions. Familiar tattooed arms wrap around my waist, I glance up at Hayden feeling for once in my life protected and cared for. He smiles down at me and picks me up bridal style, walks us up the stairs without breaking eye contact, I should be worried but I'm not I trust him with my life. 

He walks us into his room and lays me down on his bed. As soon as my head hits the pillow. I feel my eyes start to get heavy. Looking up with weighted eye's, I notice Hayden looking at me with an expression I've never seen before. 

"Have a nap angel, you had a long day," Hayden says softly, than kisses my lips. 

I close my eyes thinking about my new family.  



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