The Medium and the Biker

Chapter Thirteen: Out Of My Control

I'm walking along a rough cobbled street, stone buildings tight together looming over my outlandish masculine figure like a concrete forest. I knew straight away that my soul wasn't in my body, that I'm trapped in the embodiment of the mystery killer once again. 

When I/he looked up, the roofs were so close together that I could only make out a sliver of the full moon. Creating a haunting luminous stream of a white hue that trickled along the cold stone ground of the alleyway.

It's the underworld of any town, gloomy and unpleasant. Darkness lurking in every corner inside the labyrinth of narrow passages and dead ends. Little dumped on the street and rodents nest amongst the sprawling filth. 

Suddenly mystery killer stops in his tracks ending his midnight stroll when I see a man fixed under a bright golden street light, creating an illusion of gold streaks in his midnight black hair. I know him, I notice the similarities between Hayden and this man the only difference being his chocolate brown eyes, instead of the familiar ice blue ones that I fell in love with. 

I know for sure this is Hayden's deceased older brother James reenacting the night he was murdered.

OH No! no. no, this can't be happening why am I seeing this, oh gosh why! 

I tried again like the last "nightmare" to try to stop this lunatic from ruining Hayden's life. However, deep down the logical part of me knows that there is no way I could stop something that has already happened. 

The Mystery killer reaches into his pocket and pulls out tangled earphones and starts to detangle the thin white cord. 

"Just where I want him, he's gonna get what he deserves for stealing my customers." Mystery killer growls out nasally.

My breath caught in my throat when I recognised his voice, but I can't pinpoint who's or where I could have heard it.  Before I could think more about how I knew the voice, I'm distracted when he plugs the earphones into his iPhone and pops the earphones in both ears, his grubby finger pressing play to allow classical music to flow through the earbuds. 

When the streetlights flicker off,  I hear James's confused voice calling out in the dark picking up the sound of approaching footsteps from his killer. Mystery killer stops behind James and tilts his head to one side, pulls out his gun from the back of his faded jeans and points it at an unsuspecting James' head. 


Then the sound of his lifeless body collapsing in the darkness. 


"Noooo!" I wail out internally

But I'm only left with nothing but the classical orchestra playing an eerie tune.   



"Come on angel wake up, your alright." 

I wake up startled and slowly and reluctantly, uncover my face to reveal Hayden looking down at me concerningly, he then he pulls out a cloth and wipes my nose and ears getting rid of the blood. I look around the room noticing all five men standing around the room with confused and worried expressions on their faces.

I sit up shakily the echo of the classical music playing in my head. I close my eyes and cover my ears with my blood stained hands, then I feel Hayden's strong comforting arms pick me up and place me on his lap. 

"Hey angel, will you tell us what you saw?"  Hayden says in a soft encouraging tone.

I look up into his beautiful blue eyes, and I'm just in awe of what this man has been through and that he's still able to love and care about people just amazes me. He takes the time to help a potentially crazed woman saying she can see dead people, welts he has his own stuff to deal with. As much as I hate to admit he is my rock and I will be the same for him if he ever needs me because I love him, and will do anything in my power to stop this mystery killer before he hurts Hayden and his family again. 

God gave me this gift to help heal, and protect people and that's just what I'll do. 

"I saw," I say shakily just knowing this might destroy Hayden, Just thinking about it breaks my heart. 

"You saw what angel?" 

I glance and the five men standing around us, my family ready to take on the monster. Then I look back at Hayden when he tightens his arms around me a little protectively, silently telling me that whatever it is he will be right by my side.  

" The Mystery killer, he... he's the one who murdered James," I whisper out shakily. 




Edited: 07.06.2019

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