The Medium and the Biker

Chapter Fourteen: Signs

Once I was done telling the guys about what happened to James, I finally steel myself and look up at Hayden. Can I say I literally felt my heart drop once I saw he wore the look of devastation upon his face. 

Hayden swiftly stands up with me still in his arms and walks us into the adjoined bathroom and locks the door. I'm was completely confused by his actions than entirely understand when he puts me down on the countertop sink and hugs me. I then feel his silent tears as he hides his faces against my neck. 

I hug him tighter feeling his grief and pain over the stressful situation. The poor man has been through enough with his brothers passing and now his murderer is still out there still living life as usual. I continue to whisper reassuring words in his ear, then pull back a little when his tears stop. 

As I stare into his eyes I instantly remember what my mother told me, before I was declared as the devil's child. She said that we see little with our eyes, we see more with our hearts. All eyes can only tell us the result of what happened but never the reason, the intention, the deep emotion that's been pushed down below the surface. It is only with the heart we see pain, witness the sadness the dwells beneath our anger. Perhaps when the heart is our eyes, we'll see the love and just feel connected. 

That's how I feel when I stare into those ice blue eyes, I feel the connection. I see his conflicted emotions going from pain to venerability to stress to anger, then what throws me off a bit is when I see what appears to be love. 

"Micah, angel I lo.." 

Hayden is interrupted when we hear a knock on the bathroom door, then hear Pop's muffled voice asking to come in. Hayden sighs and pulls back from me, I instantly feel the loss of his warmth and shiver. He walks over and opens the door revealing a stressed out looking Pop's. 

"I sent Joker and Demon to shadow that Sam guy, and we really need to discuss this situation in church."  Pop's announces. Hayden nods somberly welt's I just look at Pop's in confusion. 

"I don't think this is an appropriate discussion to have in a church," I say concerningly. 

Pop's and Hayden look at me with furrowed brows, then the expression of realisation dawns on their face's.  Pop's chuckles and Hayden just grins and walks over to me and helps me down from the counter top and wraps his arms around me.

"It's an MC thing when we say church we mean a meeting." Hayden gently explains to me. 

"Oh, that makes sense, well calling it church is a bit out of the ordinary. But I guess that's what makes it unique." I say with a small smile. 

"Now let's get to it," Hayden says and grabs ahold of my hand, and we walk to church with Pop's trailing behind. 


Steel, Killer, Pop's, Hayden and I all sit around a chocolate brown oval table discussing way's to figure out the identity of the mystery killer and waiting for updates from Demon and Joker about Sam's situation. 

I'm currently looking at the wooden bookcase filled with a variety of novel's when I suddenly get a shooting pain from the back of my head. I bend over in pain and hold the back of my head when it feels like I have to keep it in place or else my brain will burst from the sudden assault. 

"Micah? Angel, what's wrong?" I hardly hear Hayden ask over the pounding of my head. 

"I don't know," I whisper out in agony. 

However, after I answer, the pain starts to fade away. Then I feel a warmth like someone is giving me a comforting hug, I look up towards the bookcase making my breath catch from what I see. 

"Angel, What are you seeing," Hayden says hesitantly not wanting to disturb possibly something that could help us. 

But I'm to focused on the strange fog as it starts to clear ravelling James's face. James looks me in the eyes telling me silently to pay attention. He then pulls out a yellow and black hard covered book from the bookshelf and drops it on to the floor then vanishes. 

"What the F@#k," someone shouts, but I'm already out of my seat and walking over to the abandoned book. 

I pick up the heavy book from the carpeted floor curiously, however for some reason afraid of the outcome I take a calming breath and read the title. 

'Steve's Constructions for dummies'

I"m instantly transported back into the awful vision, seeing the mystery killer reaching into his pocket pulling out his tangled earphones. Him with his grubby fingers untangling the thin cord saying, "Just where I want him, he's gonna get what he deserves for stealing my customers." 

I'm startled out of the memory when I feel comforting arms wrap around my waist. I drop the book like it was contaminated and turn around in Hayden's arms. 

"Did James do any construction or anything like that," I ask Hayden looking around the room at the guys then look back at the man in question. 

"yeah, he did it free of charge for the community, it was something he did on the side," Hayden answers thickly then pull's out a tissue from his pocket and wipes my nose free of blood. This guy, even in a tense situation he still tries to take care of me.

"James was here, he's the one that dropped that book," I say welts pointing to the hardcover book. 

Hayden bends down and picks it up and reads the title, I see when it dawns on him. 


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