The Medium and the Biker

Chapter Fifteen: Taken

I have no idea how this happened. 

I have no idea where I am. 


Darkness suffocating my body like a damp, musty, thick blanket, clinging to every inch of my skin. My feet are bare, that's the only reason I know the ground is still there.

I heard a loud clicking noise behind me. I spin around to see a closed door. I quickly walk over to the door and tried to open it. The door was the grey of unburnished silver, dull and spotted with years of water damage. Where there should have been some fancy matching handle was only a square shaft of dark cold metal. I lift up my hands pushing against the rough surface of the door however It was all in vain, the door stood stubbornly in its place. I glance around seeing no windows in this dark abyss. 

A shudder ran through me. Trapped. I was trapped, I was confined within the walls of this room. I suddenly felt claustrophobic I take a deep breath in and out getting a whiff of a metallic odour in the room, it reminded me somewhat of the smell of dried blood.... no, I know its dried blood. 

Suddenly, an ear-splitting scream came from the room next to mine. I was so scared that my heart missed a beat. The door flew ajar and standing there was a familiar man with a butcher's knife in his hand whistling a tune, with blood, dripping from the knife.

 I was going to die.


 Ten Minutes before: 

We are currently waiting for Demon and Joker in front of 'Steve's constructions', we got a call that they found something suspicious. Everyone seems to be relaxed however there's a feeling in my gut that says, "no," but the logical side of my brain says, "yes." 

I look over at Hayden when he walks over to me with a reassuring smile upon his face. This guy can really see right through my act of trying to put on a brave face. Once he's in front of me, he wraps his tattoed arms around my waist and picks me up gently. I instinctively wrap my arms around his neck, look down at him and kiss him on the nose receiving a loving smile in return.





Hayden instantly sprints to his Motorbike with me still in his arms, I hear Pop's shouting orders at Steel and Killer. 



"Everything is going to be alright ang-"


We instantly fall towards the concrete, however, before we hit the pavement Hayden turns his body mid-fall and lands on his back with me on his stomach. 

"H-Hayden!" I wail knowing that he just got shot. 

I sit up quickly rolling him over spotting the gushing bullet wound on his lower back. Without thinking I put both of my hands on his wound putting pressure on it, making Hayden grown out in pain. 

"I know, you're going to be alright," I say shakily  

More gunshots cracked into the air as loud as thunder but without the raw power of a storm.

All of a sudden I feel big grubby hands grab a hold of my bare arms and yank me away from Hayden. It was so sudden I couldn't even make a sound, Hayden rolled over from the unanticipated loss of my touch and looks up his eyes widening with shock and pain. 

"NO! DO-" 

I felt a small prick in my neck and then there was -





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