The Medium and the Biker

Chapter Nineteen: Three Worlds Collide

The three villains congregate around my vulnerable from. At that moment the quite had become like icy drips onto my already cold skin. 

I watch them without turning my head, my heart is hammering but I keep my gait blank and tried not to show a hint of fear. These past few days I have been weak, I will not allow myself to die without a fight.

The monster on my left, the woman on my right and the man at the foot of the table. The three hold hands, like their about to pray for their meal and start to sing.

"Who killed cock Robin?" asks the woman and man in unison.

"I," said the sparrow, With my bow and arrow, I Killed Cock Robin" The monster responds with an eerie tone, following the same pattern throughout the morbid nursy rhyme.

"Who saw him die?" 

"I", said the fly, with my little eye, I saw him die"

"Who caught his blood?" 

"I", said the fish, with my little dish, I caught his blood"

"Who'll make the shroud?"

"I," said the beetle, with my thread and needle, I'll make the shroud." 

"Who'll dig her grave?"

The monster brakes away from the circle and walks over to a toolbox, pulling out his infamous butcher knife.

"I," said the owl, with my pick and shovel, we'll dig her grave."

Dread owns me, pushing against me with force. Dread has my stomach locked up tight, nothing getting in and out. Dread causes my teeth to lock tight together. But unless it can turn back time, I just have to accept that I can't do anything to stop him from what he's about to do at this moment. The woman walks up to the head of the table and holds my head down when the monster starts to dig the butcher knife across my left leg, creating multiple deep crimson cuts along my legs.

I scream

I screamed a scream that made your blood run cold. It pierced the brain and ignited some primaeval pathway. Adrenaline surged through my veins, making me tap into something deep down into my very soul.

Abruptly my back rises off the table and my screams shatter the surrounding glass. A chill rose up my bent spine making me start to shiver uncontrollably. 

"I told you she's a demon!" the woman hysterically shouts at the men.

"Where did you put the holy water!" the man shouts out in reply. 


"Do you hear that?" The monster asks, just as we hear the sound of hushed whispering which seemed to be erupting and spilling from the peeling walls. My back falls back on to the table when the monster looks down at me and backs away dropping the butcher knife on the wooden floor with a heavy thump.

The man finds the bucket of holy water and dumps it on me with a splash, then the frantic woman starts to slap my face continuously.

"You devils child, die you devils child!" 

"Why are you just standing there, kill her!" The woman shouts at the monster, just as the sound of the front door breaking down and commanding shouts start to filter through the house. However, I'm too preoccupied when I see spirits from the monsters past killings appear through the walls. suddenly an invisible force slams the three villains to the walls holding the three up in the air, they start to scream in pain.

I look to the left and notice the force holding the police and- my family, Pops, Steel, Demon, Jocker, Killer and the one and only Hayden my guardian angel. They all had the look of horror when the two spirits of Sam and James appear front and centre with an army of lost spirits behind them. A flow of strong wind blows throughout the house, causing the three villains to flatten against the wall and the police and my family to grab onto anything they can find for support. 

My loose hair blows around my face but not blocking me from the shocking sight. The spirits all open their mouths and stretched it wide in unison, letting out a dreadful sound. It was like iron nails dragged over a rock, it rose and fell never once making the words audible. I scream to the tune of their pain, my back lifts from the table once again from the powerful force flowing through my veins breaking the chains that were holding me down in the process. 

I use the rest of my dwindling energy and jumped off the cold table and ran towards the one man that I knew could make everything better. I ran with shaky legs towards Hayden, I spot him crunched down on the wooden floor bracing himself from the brutal wind. I break through the strange barrier and wrap my arms around him. He looks up surprised to see me free from the bounds, seconds later his strong steady arms are around me holding on tight. 

Chains clinking, eerie whispering, long windy, howls, blood-curdling screams, swooshing, moaning flows through the damp air. 

Then Silence.....

I drink in the silence to counteract the fear that threatens to engulf me.

"Micha, it's over angel," Hayden whispers in my ear.

As if a switch has been flipped, the policemen start talking back and forth through their walkie-talkies, with the sound of the ambulance in the distance. I hesitantly crawl out of Hayden's arms but kept a hold of his hand, as I stand and slowly walk over towards the haunting scene. 

The woman and the man lay by the far wall on the floor surrounded by broken dirt stained glass, White-faced and... dead. However, what chills me to the bone is when I look over towards the discarded body of the monster....


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