The Medium and the Biker

Chapter Twenty: Out Of The Woods

It's been three frustrating days in the hospital. Apparently, I had a broken rib that punctured my lung and had emergency surgery on arrival. All though it was frustrating that I wasn't able to do anything by myself Hayden was by my side through it all. At the moment Hayden's laying beside me on the hospital bed with my head resting upon his shoulder well he entertains himself with my tangled curly hair, waiting for the doc to tell us if I would be able to be discharged today or stay for another night. 

"Micha?" Hayden mumbles out breaking me out of my sleepy daze.

"Yeah?" I respond angling my head up to look into his breathtaking blue eyes, he then cups my face with his free hand and rests his forehead on mine reaming eye contact.

"I love you Micha, so much." Hayden breaths out and I squeezed my eyes shut preventing the happy tears from falling down, and Hayden continues.

"I love you like you're the last of my kind. It's like we speak the same language, we don't have to say anything we just know by just looking at each other. To be around you is like finally not being alone anymore, yeah I had my brothers but you made me realise how isolated I have been."

Hayden stops for a second to wipe away the tears that escaped my now open eyes. 

"As cheesy as this sounds but your my sunshine my light in the darkness, you breathe life into me like no other. You, my angel, are my medicine. Know this I don't give two s!#ts about who your parents were or your uncle. Their not your family, we the 'Chaos MC' are your real family, me, Pops, Steel, Demon, Jocker and Killer all have got your back. So my Micha, my angel, know that I'm yours in my mind, body and soul. I love you."

I quickly sit up and wrap my arms around his neck and whisper in his ear.

"I love you too Hayden, so so so much." He tightens his hold on me I feel him breathe me in.

When he looks at me it's like every once of breath was taken from my healing lungs, floating into the air like midnight smoke. Every time he kissed me it felt like the world stopped, leaving just the two of us to wander the earth together. Every time he held my face between his hands it felt like he was washing away all my dreaded fears. Holding me for eternity in the arms I've come to love. This is what falling in love was like, a story you never wanted to end. For so long I had longed for it by looking for it in the eyes of my parents, and now I see and feel it coming from the man before me. I can't bear to lose it, lose this thing that makes me feel so beautifully complete.

Were interrupted when our family arrives, I smile fondly at them when they all have to bend their heads to get through the door. They all come around the bed and smile down at me and slap Hayden on the shoulder in greeting. 

"Hey, sweet girl,  how you feel'in?" Pops says with a soft smile and concerned filled eyes. 

"Much better, papa bear," I say with a grin.

I felt the vibration of Hayden's chuckle against my head that rests on his chest when they all start to tease Pops about his new name. Pops glares at the chuckling men then gives me a warm smile, he bends down and pulls me gently into one of his famous bear hugs. 

"Ok, Ok, hands of my woman old man," Hayden says pulls me away from the fatherly hug, and replaces his arms around me.

The men then begin a conversation around us, well I just look at every one of them taking it all in. I can't believe I finally found my home in this small town, four thousand and eight miles away from where I grew up.

There's nothing heavier than the weight of sin in our lives. It's crushing, It's suffocating, however, life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got. Freeing myself of the dust of my past was exhausting, who knew dust could be so heavy? 

Who knew the fresh air of my new life with these men would be so exhilarating.




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