The Medium and the Biker

Chapter Twenty-One: Epilogue- She's Dead Mommy....


I wake up with a start when my little Nyla screams my name in fright. I look over disorientated towards Hayden to see him up with a worried and confused expression on his face.


Noah calls out this time with a stress-filled tone, with that we snap out of it and were on our way towards the twin's room. We burst in to see Noah holding his twin little sister tucked into his side curled up on his bed, Noah looks worried and confused and Nyla's terrified face stained with tears as she looks towards the corner of the room.

I glance over and my heart stops for a minute, a little girl about the same age as the twins. She has pin straight black pigtails and dawns a cream coloured dress, flowing down to the floor concealing her legs and feet. However, the thing that caught me off guard was a deep red gash trailing along her delicate neck. Dried blood crusted all along her neck and the tips of the collar of her dress.

"What's going on here?" Hayden says soothingly, walking towards the bed.

Nyla quickly breaks free from her brother's protective embrace and crawls towards her dad, clutching his T-shirt she sniffles and says.

"Help her Daddy!"

"Who sweetheart?" Hayden asks, soothingly stroking the top of her honey ringlets identical to mine and her brothers.

"Her!" She cries out hysterically pulling away from him and points to the lone spirt in the corner of the small room.

Her mismatch coloured eyes one ice blue and one forest green fill with tears when she sees her Dad and brother do not see the horrifying sight.

I quickly walk over to my little girl and pick her up and hold on to her so tight, shielding her from the inevitable. I look over at my boys sitting on the bed looking up at us, my little Noah's ice blue eyes identical to his dad filled with frustrated and Hayden are filled with worry and understanding.

Understanding that this is just the beginning of an even stranger life.

"Mommy, you see her, right?"

"Yes, yes I do" Nyla tightens her little arms around my neck and whispers.

"She's dead Mommy"

"I know baby"

I know....



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