The Most Eligible Bachelor.

4. The Mutual Agreement.

“PA?….” I raise my voice, but before I could argue further, pa pulls my hand and forces me to sit beside him. I frown at him, but he squeezes my hand instead and nods, requesting me to keep my mouth shut.

“This is Mr. and Mrs. Hudson.” He gestures towards the couple.

“And he is Ray. You remember him well, don’t you?” Pa looks at me and beams. I squint my eyes in annoyance. He knows particularly well how much I detest him, and even though he is presenting him formally.

“Hi.. MYRA. pleasure to see you. AGAIN.” He reaches out his hand for a handshake. But I don’t move an inch. Pa nudges me with his elbow. I grit my teeth and lift my hand. But have to remove it back vigorously as he clasped to it. He sneers. And I so much wish to wipe that smug smirk off his face.

“Myra, you forgot me?” Expressed his mom with a grin.

“No, its not like that, I just didn’t recognize you,” I beamed at her.

How do you suppose me to recognize you? I recall you as an archaic, long hair, no makeup, old-fashioned dresses and now you are modified to short and bouncy hair, dark lipstick which suppresses your wonderful smile, and a dress of a popular brand. It has been ages now. You were the one whom I considered as a mother figure. You were so generous and fascinating; I hope that might have not diminished in you.

“No worries, baby, we are going to spend a lot of time together.” She grinned merrily. I wish not. I don’t want to spend another minute with him. Who is still smiling devilishly and I’m certain something IS going on in his idle head.

While I inspect him doubtfully, her mother requests pa and his dad to leave us alone to have a pleasant talk. But I don’t think that’s possible when we talk or one can say fight. We just wait for them to leave us alone so we can have a chat. They rise from their places, but talks formalities: How’s this? And How’s that?

I roll my eyes, gnaw the skin on top of my thumb with tapping my heel restlessly. Which I do when I’m tense or impatient. It takes 15 minutes and 50 seconds to draw themselves out of the room. The minute they close the door, I snap.

“You knew it was me all the time and yet agreed for this meeting?” I clenched my fist hard.

“Whoa, whoa, who said I knew?” he narrowed his eyes.

“Oh, shut up! Your expression showed everything. How glad and delighted you are?” I waved.

“What? I’m not glad because I knew it was you, I’m happy because it’s you..?” he responded.

“What?” confused, I asked.

“Listen, I’m innocent as you are. They kept it a secret from me too.” he shrugs.

“I shouldn’t have made that promise,” I whisper to myself. Right now I'm so frustrated I feel like molten lava running through my veins.

“what promise?”

“Forget it. Now what?” I ask. “And there’s no way I’m agreeing to this.” I stated.

“That’s it. You don’t like me, I don’t like you. We’ll reject each other”

“It’s not that simple.”

“Why not? You tell your Pa you don’t like me.” I raise my eyebrow in a question.

“…. and.. of course l’ll tell my parents.” he nodded sluggishly.

“I’ll try.” I nodded too.

“So? Now tell me, how are you?” He smiled genuinely.

“You should be the last person to ask me that.” I tipped my head to one side.

“Why is that?” He asked curiously.

“Because of you, my life changed dramatically and…” and finally when I could confront him for things he did to me in the past. Someone had to interrupt me by knocking.

“Sir, media is still waiting.” A man came in the room and started talking to Ray .

“Coming.” Ray cut him short. The man left with that.

“Why is media waiting for you?” I ask.

“For the statement. My interview was interrupted,” he turned his attention to me..

“What interview?”

“It’s about the new project.” he looks at me surprised and then adds.

“You don’t know about me, do you?”

“I don’t know what?”

“you’re still the same.” He chuckles. He straightens his coat and is about to leave, he opens the door, takes a step and then stops and turns.

“How’s your cat?” I can see that devilish smile forming on his face.

“You..” I grab a pen stand from the side table and hit him. But he closes the door and the stand crashes with the door.

A smile forms on my face, remembering those old days.

But soon I’m back from old days to present Where I have the biggest problem to deal with. Pa won’t take ‘No’ as an answer. And I can’t do what he wants. I need a desperate help so I call Mia for suggestions.

She picks up instantly. She must be waiting eagerly for the details of my meeting.

“Hello, what happened? You liked him?”


“Then? How will you convince Pa?”

“I don’t know. But I have to somehow.” I chew my lower lip.

“Who’s the guy?”

“Do you remember, Ray? Ray Hudson.” I lean back for the answer.

“Ray Hudson? OH MY GOD. The most eligible bachelor? The owner of 5 star hotels? The billionaire Ray Hudson?” She said that in a single breath.

I sit up straight. Like a shock ran through my spine.

“Are we talking about the same person?”

“Just marry him, Myra, don’t think. Have you closely looked at him? He’s so handsome and not to mention rich.”

“Oh, come on, Mia, I thought you would be the last person to support this marriage. You know our history.”

“Okay then tell me he wasn’t handsome,” She asked teasingly.

“I… I.. ca..” I stammer.

“See.. you just don’t want to agree to that.”

“Okay, fine, he is handsome. But that doesn’t mean I want to marry him.” I sigh.

“And he doesn’t want to marry me either. He suggested we both should tell our parents.” I add.

“Oh.. so that’s the problem?” She sighed too.

“Yeah. I will tell Pa..”

“Wait a minute, you said you both will reject each other. Then just let him do the work. You just wait for the outcome.”



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