The Most Eligible Bachelor.

25. Evil character.

               When I opened my eyes, I experienced a severe headache. A shiver passed from my nerves. But to my surprise I see Matt sitting on the edge of my bed fiddling with his cellphone.

“Matt?” I call him with a dull voice. He immediately shifts towards me.

“Oh, thank god for a moment I considered turning you into a Vampire,” he jokes.

“You’re still in your character,” I sit up.

“It was the finest character I’ve played so far. So it developed into a part of me.” He shrugs.

He's trying to shift my attention, but it’s not working. My face falls despite of his joking.

“Why are you here? Was it you who pulled me away from the reporters.” I ask curiously. As it’s not convenient for him to be at my side. The media will scathe his relation with the Hudson’s and even me. And the outcome will be bad.

“You don’t worry about it. I have my ways to mislead them however I want.” He smiles devilishly. He then proceeds.

“And I brought some of your necessary stuff from the mansion. Would you like to check it?”

“Yeah, sure” I smile. He calls someone and asks him to bring the stuff to my room. A knock on the door and Matt permits him to come. I see Sam with my things he looks directly at me and then as usual averts his eyes. I again feel like I’ve seen him before. But where?

“So this is ok. Right?” Matt looks at me, grabbing my attention away from Sam.

“This is it? Where’s my other stuff?” I stare at him after eyeing my things. He licks his lips, disturbed at my question.

“It’s…. Its been moved to ….”


“They have moved it to your mother’s house,”

“What?” Knitting my eyebrows, I ask. He just looks at me helplessly. I get off the bed, storming out in the restaurant where Pa is busy preparing a dish.

“Pa, I need to talk to you,” he doesn’t look at me.

“Right now” I firmly stand there until he pulls out his apron. He sighs and walks towards the hall and I follow him. Judging the situation Matt leaves without saying anything.

“Who is my mother? And why did she choose this time to return in our life?” pa cover his face with his palms on my questions.

“Pa, tell me what does she want from me now?”

“Pa, for god’s sake, don’t give me this silent treatment. Tell me what she wants……?”

“She wants you to be happy,” he snaps.

“By setting chaos in my life?” I stare at pa, who’s suddenly defending her actions.

“No, she set you out of the chaos. You yourself told her you weren’t happy with Ray,”

“What? No… I never said that…bel…”

“Stop fooling Myra, I’m sure you must’ve said that.”

“I don’t even know her, how can I…”

“You must’ve said that to a stranger, but she knew you very well. And this is what you get for it. Now she wants you to live with her. As I’ve failed as a father, I have to let you go.”

“You’ll let me go too. ..” A burning sense fills my inner nose. I inhale deeply. It’s so easy for them to let me go. Just like that.

“It’s my fault to assume that you people loved me.” I mumble and rush towards my room. How easily they’re letting me go, I doubt if they ever considered loving me.

             I promised I won’t cry, but I’m helplessly shedding tears. I curse the day I got engaged. My life started falling apart from that day. I was happy before that. Maybe not that happy, but not sad and miserable at all. I never knew I had this much tears hidden in my eyes, no matter how much I try to clean them they keep on flowing.

                  I’m ready to leave. No matter where they send me, I’m ready to go to hell if this is what they want from me. I don’t care about anyone. I’m strong enough to take care of myself I don’t need anyone to love me. Now no matter what I go through, I won’t come back to them. The two people which were important to me, no more exist in my life.

                  My so-called mother sent some of her servants to pack my luggage and a driver to pick me up. I’m already feeling like a prisoner who’s being detained forcefully. I leave the threshold, when I’m about to get in the car Nick comes rushing to me.

“Myra? At least meet your Dad before leaving.” His words give goosebumps to me. 

               I’m trying very hard to be strong. My hands are shaking recklessly. My heart sinks in my stomach. I don’t look back, because if I will, I’ll definitely collapse with anxiety. I inhale and gathering all my strength, I ask him to convey my message.

“Tell him, I thanked him for giving his precious time to me. Maybe I can’t repay him for everything, but I’ll never forget the favors he did to me.” I look up to force the water gathering in my eyes. 

             I can feel Pa’s presence around I know he heard what I said, and I know it will hurt him but not more than what I’m going through. I get in the car and close the door, every door which will open to him. With a firm determination of not looking back in my life again.

                      I reach at another mansion where my so-called mother lives. I wonder if she hit a lottery, because I’m sure she can’t earn this much even she works hard day and night without resting. It’s nothing compared to the Hudson mansion, I assume it’s much bigger than that.

                       No one showed up to greet me except a servant came bowing to me he said he’ll lead me to my room. I nod and followed him. He opens the door for me and suggested that I dial 1, If I needed any kind of assistance. He bows at me again and leaves, closing the door behind him. I crash on the couch near the window, too frazzled by the events. I exhale and close my eyes, but a knock startles me. Is that mother?

I open the door, and I hear a greeting before I open the door wide.

“Welcome home.” J exerts

“J?” I’m surprised on his presence in this mansion.

“Tch…” he shakes his head sideways “Jake” he corrects me sauntering in the room and closing the door. I blink at him.


Edited: 26.01.2021

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