The Sorcerer


Flying through the city and going back to work to clock out. I delivered the last package of the day, Scott was on my head trying to get the slim and mud off him.

"You know if the spirit of any swamp gets a package you going by yourself." He said.

"It wasn't that bad also he a nice guy," I said.

"Easy for you to say you don't mind getting dirty and you don't have fur like me."

He said jumping off and facing me.

"What did I say about jumping when we're on a broom," I said.

"Oh, whatever you're not going at full speed." He said.

"Besides it not like Sorceress are eager to talk to me when am covered in the mud. Also, next time you fall am not saving you." I said.

"A cat always lands on his feet." He said.

"Oh yeah, I forget about that since you already told me thousands of times before," I said.

"And yet I need to remind you." He said.

"Scott that was sarcasm, learn it, I get your thousands of years old but your has gullible as a 4-year-old," I said.

"What! my species age differently it not my fault." He said.

He kept licking himself and spitting mud out, "could you stop?" I said.

"Fine," he said.

When we finally got to Madam Quick Delivery system building she was waiting for me. This can only mean one thing my mother call or someone snitched. Well, there also the fact that Scott and I are covered in mud.

"Ooooh, what did you do?" Scott asked.

"I don't know," I said. Ash pass by,

"Whoa, Nero the fuck happen to you?" He said.

"Swamp spirit," I said. "Hey, can you do me a favor?" I asked.

"Depends on how difficult it is." He said.

"Nothing like that, can you clock Scott and me out," I said.

"Sure." He said.

We landed and Madam Quick was ready to chase me out if I enter but Ash was able to get in.

"Don't you dare come in there covered in mud!" She yelled.

"Am not don't worry about it," I said.

"Good there your pay," a bag was floating over to me, I used my magic to put it in my bag.

"You change your shift for only the weekends." She said.

"Yeah," I said.

"Boy just tell your mother that you don't want to study over there." She said.

"Trust me I have tried and it always leaves with her upset and me 'grounded'," I said.

"Still treated like a baby." Said Ash walking out.

"No," I said. He laughed,

"don't get so mad, clocked out you already your good to go." He said.

"Thanks see you guys Saturday," I said.

I flew off, I went to the Falls of Rivers flew into the fall where there was a cave that the bottom of the fall.

"Hey, Nero Hey Scott." Said, Drop.

"Hey, I didn't know you guys were there," I said.

"Can't talk cleaning my fur." Said Scott. 

Who was putting his paw in a small puddle? They were the three mermaid sisters the strongest Princess of the sea. Drop who can control the waters, Scale armor that can cut anything, Bubbles that can control underwater volcanoes. Yeah, don't mess with Bubbles.

"So your gonna give us a peek show?" Said Drop so innocently.

"Funny but no," I said, "beside that why are you guys here, I know it a pain for mer-folk to walk on land."

"You are correct but we're meeting with the river sprites today mother got sick so we're stepping in." Said Scale.

Bubbles was looking intensely that the reports,

"sorry for not talking Nero am extremely busy, that what Bubbles is saying she forgot read the report last night." Said, Drop.

Bubbles was using the sea-glass domes they're like computer only in huge in size and it used for telling reports and data to it user in high speed . Down slide is you can't take your eyes off it up till it done with showing you the information, if not your going to miss something.

"No worry Bubbles I don't mind it, but I better leave I have to go back home and don't want be intruding your meeting," I said.

"Did you visit the swamp spirit today." Drop asked.

"Yes, yes I did," I said.

"Hmm what that bubbles? Oh ok, Nero opens your hand." Scales said.

I did and Bubbles give me a pearl.

"It soap it cleans you and the ocean so it safe to use it also works on clothes." Said, Drop. "Thanks, Bubbles," I said.

"Your welcome" she seems done with the report.

"Your going to the human world can you bring that "Laptop" you brought last time with more Music" Drop said.

"Oh, can you, Nero I want to sing more songs," said Scale.

"Sure has payment for the pearl," I said,

"Great we have a party at the cove next time we meet." Said Bubbles.

I said my goodbyes and picking up a not so clean Scott and left and use the pearl on us in the ocean and it does works on clothes. Now that I think of it, the Queen of the sea put a rule that mermaids are no longer allowed to go to the human world. It too polluted and had a decrease in its numbers of life in it. Many sea monsters and sea life were trying to come over there, that mermaids and sea gods are overworking. Keeping portals up, keeping the dirty water out, registering all the monsters.

There used to be mermaids that worked in the human world. I would go to the beach meet up so many of them all you had to do is play music. That was really interesting to mermaids the music of the human world. Nowadays the newest music they have is from 2005. I got out of the water,

"My fur got curly," said Scott.

"You can brush yourself," I said.

"but that takes forever!" He said.

We got on the broom and headed to the treehouse but before we could Scott stop me.

"stop," He said,

"What's wrong?" I said.

"Can I come with you to the human world?" He asked.

"my parents have kind of.... a don't want magic on the other side that also means no magical creatures, " I said.

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