The Sorcerer

He is beautiful

"We need to go," I said.

Nero stood up.

"What wrong?" He asked.

"Look I'll explain on the way there but please come with me," I said.

Am begging the guy, the plan failed and the Witches decided it will better to just steal Nero and use him as a slave. Right now the guys are trying to stop them. He was moving and the cat seems to be backing him up.

"What do you think you're doing there," The cat said.

"Am here to ask for help, please, Matts hurt and.." Before I could finish,

" Ok, where are they?" He asked.

"The woods is a better shortcut," I said.

We followed me to the backyard but before I could do anything, Nero stops and does something to the house.

"Sorry I wanted to make sure my parent were safe," He said.

As we were going to jump over the brushes something grabs me but before I could be pulled away I felt the heat from the leg that the hand that was touching me. I turn to see Nero having three fireballs by his side, he sends them to the spot the hand came from and he pulls me up.

"You ok?" He asked.

He looked serious and for a moment his eye glow a red, we go in and he just destroys anything around him that wasn't natured itself. I stop him.

"Ok, we're here," I said.

"Oh, so it's one of those situations," He said.

"Attack!" I yelled and all the witches hit him with their best.

It doesn't do anything and in fact, all the witches fall nonstop, am scared of this guy. He pushed me, one of the witches almost hit me, was he trying to save me. Just then one of them had a clear shot and took it, he was hurt but he burst into flames and Scott the magical talking cat turns into a lion. A huge, winged, golden lion and Nero stops the flames. This is hopeless, I ran up to him and pushed him full force into the portal, Scott runs after him. To the fairies world.

"Where is he?" Said one of the witches.

"You guys followed him too, you can't find him?" I said.

"She must be hiding him!" Another said.

"No, why would I do that?" I said.

When we got to the other side Nero and Scott ran for it. 

"We know very well the deal but we want more," said another.

"We want the Sorcerer," They all said.

Wow, they are very greedy.

"That makes no sense Mrs, Judith wants him," I said.

One of them pointed their wand that me.

"She not the boss of us," said the one with their wand that my face.

"We will find the boy and use him for many things." Said one, who I think is the one who started this.

Just then a huge wolf comes in front of me and freezes all the Witches and takes me away. I was riding the wolf's back, we were going at an alarming speed as I held on to it bright white fur and a boy was there to holding some clothes,

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Oh we met, am Scott," he said.

This thirteen-year-old is Scott! I thought he was a cat wait so this means.

"Nero, is this you?" I asked.

Nothing. Why isn't he responding?

"Sorcerers can't talk in their transformations," Scott said.

"But you can?" I said.

"I am a cat, not a sorcerer," He said,

Ok, that makes a difference for some reason, I started to look that Nero transformation. It's a wolf, but I have never seen a wolf that glows or is it because of how white his fur is. He's not warm but cold and there also the fact, it seems he can grow bigger or make himself smaller.

"Wait! My brother," I said.

Nero comes to a stop.

"You should have told us that in the beginning, come now we need to hop off," Scott said.

Nero's Wolf slowly melts away to reveal a creature even bigger than the wolf, green scales appear, huge wings, and horns that spiral. A dragon, a fucking dragon.

"Ok hop on," said Scott.

I ran to get on his back, listen there are no dragons in the fairy world, let alone one that would let you ride it's back. I am getting my Khaleesi on. I held on to Scott because if I didn't I would've fallen to my death and we got there in a minute. He blows the Witches off their brooms and cuts every single of their brooms, Scott heads out and comes back with Matt and Fry.

"You guys! Are you ok," I asked.

"Were fine let get out of there!" said Matt.

Nero wasn't moving and we saw why the broken brooms that lay on the ground, something glowing was leaving them. Nero seems upset because he creates a huge tornado on the spot and we fly off with the glowing spheres are following us. Once far enough, Nero drop us and flew farther into the woods, we didn't get hurt and Matt got up to follow them.

"Hey, wait!" He yelled, he ran.

 I found Matt and Scott were there blocking the way.

"You can not pass!" Scott said.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing but can you not pass for the next five minutes or less," Scott said.

"Why not?" Matt asked.

"It's embarrassing to talk about," Scott said.

"What so embarrassing that he needs to be alone," I asked.

"How about being half-naked?" Nero said.

We were shocked.

"Yeah, I am trying to put on the parts of my clothes that are not burned," Nero said.

We just stood there quite.

"Ok, Scott were are my contacts?" He asked.

He held his hand out.

"They're not in your pocket?" Scott said.

"Of course this happens when I need them the most," Nero said.

"Do you want me to give you my hoodie?" Scott said.

"That's not going to do anything, ah fuck it," Nero said and walk out of his hiding place.

I have ever seen someone so beautiful in my life, his eyes were rainbows, his skin was perfect, and he had curly messy light brown hair that looked perfect. His jaw, cheekbones, chin everything. I am pretty sure I am drooling but he looked upset.

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