The Sorcerer

Not Safe

What a day, first I try to help someone I somewhat trusted, then I get kidnapped, ... no ambushed, that more like it. Only to have to save the people who betrayed me, and explain what they were doing. This is a pain in the ass, the only good out of this is finding the missing boys and creatures, even if they are dead it better than being contained and forced to power the wicked's broom. Other than that am hungry and in the forest with weirdos that kept asking questions and slowly falling asleep. 

I can't sleep have to stay awake, I'm getting a little irritated.

Then they dared to blame me for shit that has nothing to do with me, yes I cry tears that heal sorcerers, the only fucking problem I can't just give it to humans. First thing I learn when being half Staz, people are greedy and stupid. One too many times, I have to tell people that they don't give you immortality more like a quick way to die. Also, I don't cry much it only happens three times a year, where I can't control it and cry nonstop. Sure I have jars but I give them to the gods of healing most of the time. That stuff I said of them may be poisonous to them, isn't a lie, am not going be responsible for that.

Why doesn't she get it? 

Right now, most of them are sleep and I have a broader around us. I can't sleep there without burning the forest or cause a storm or earthquake. I wish I can get to magical grounds change and come back but for now, I must send these guys back home, I miss my bed. They all fell asleep that some point, even Scott, but moring soon came and am thinking of leaving these guys but they are the ones that know the way back. One of the souls comes to me, their not glowing has pale has yesterday, I am glad that I was able to find him. Blue, he was Rob's brother, he's so small and is missing both of his eyes.

Sorcerers live for 400 years or more and it an odd to see one dead so young, sad really. I also never seen a soul of a sorcerer, usually when a sorcerer dies their body becomes apart of nature or something else depends on their bosses or wives who chose for them. But a soul, I'm guessing it had to do with how young he was, I can't imagine what he went thougt.

I look over to see the girl is watching me, weirdo, I look away.

She gets up, 'go away', she sits right next to me, 'dammit!'.

"Am sorry If I annoyed you yesterday," She said.

Yes, yes, am sure you are, let me forget that you and your group betrayed me, try to kidnap me, and being sucked into this world. Oh god, I'm just like my mom when she wakes up in the morning. 

"Listen am trying to apologize but you have to understand you have all this power and you can do anything with it and you seem so bored of the human world and prefer Magical grounds but in the human world you can fix so many problems to make it a better place but you don't do anything," she said.

"Then why are you in this world?" I asked.

I am tired of her questions time for her to back off.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Why do you know this world as well as the human world then? Why do you judge me for being bored in that world when you are the same?" I said.

"I ... I," She's stuck.

I sigh, I need to clam down.

"Listen, I don't give a fuck what your reason is and I wouldn't push you to answer not that I care, well, not right now am tired, hungry, and uncomfortable. Talk to me when we're back home." I said.

"What do you mean tired?" She asked.

"Can't sleep without magic going out to control," I said.

"Oh," she said.

I got up and kicked Scott to wake the fuck up.

"What!" he said.

"Wake the fuck up," I said.

Fry is my new best friend, the little guy found honey and fruit, I ate most of it.

"Where are we going by the way?" I asked.

"We could take the portal back but there's the chance the Wicked is still there," She said

"I can take care of it," I said.

"Really?" She said. 

"Wait what are you going to do ?" said Matt. 

"I was thinking of using wind magic again," I said. 

"that can work but they can't they still follow us thougt the portal?" Fry. asked.  

"that is a problem, I guess I use ice magic," said I

"We don't want to hurt them," said Scott. 

"Well Scott you can fly why not fly up to see if any aerial attacks coming," Kyle said. 

" Good idea, I can use basic magic to restain them," I said

"Wait a minute, what's basic magic to you?" asked Matt.

"Well, for us it basic command, like commanding a broom to fly without a soul to make it work," I said.

"Are you sure every sorcerer can do that?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah, why? It's kindergarten level," I said.

"It's magic that a child can naturally do, it not taught," said Scott.

The downfall, I need to get naked to turn into a dragon and fly to the location, but a dragon can get attention so turning into a wolf.  We stop because Scott saw a few around the area. I was in the brushes putting on some of my clothes and once that done we started to walk into the area.

They were on the other side ready for the kill if only they were a real threat. They were ready to cast anything that sounds pretty deadly, there wasn't a lot of them, it was an easy run of sealing them. 

That when one of them grab Kyle.  

"Hello my little pet," The wicked said.

She looked so eerie. She looked so much like a normal witch but her eyes were empty and blackout. She smelled like rotten flesh, her skin was a pale blue, her hair was oily, and her lips were white and so damage at you can see her mouth was black.    

"let me go!" Kyle said.

"Oh, that cute you think you can disobey me," The Wicked said.

"Let her go," I said.

She ignored me and gets in Kyle's face.

"You did well, my pet," She said.

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