The Sorcerer

Attack after attack

Nero quickly used the earth for the witch to lose her footing and pulls me closer to him. He then uses ice to restain her to a tree. Nero's face looked shocked when he first saw her. 

"You think it is going to stop me!"  She said. 

When I looked at it she looks like a monster. 
"What is that?" I said. 
"That is a Wicked," said Nero.

"Oh gross what at smell?" said Matt. 
"Boy don't let the small one breathe that in. Head to the portal!" said Scott. 

He turns back into a boy and tries to seal the Wicked.  

"How cute," My master no, the wicked said.

With one punch she destroys the wall as if it was glass.

"Come on now, I know you can do better than that," It said.

"We can help you, please let us help, it obvious you haven't infected for so long," said Nero. 

"I want this power! I understand why my sisters did this to themselves, even if it made them butt ugly," It said.  

She not, she doesn't look human anymore her body was slowly deforming itself and her voice was unrecognizable. 

"You're not far from them but there's still a chance," said Scott. 

"No, you see at why I wanted the Straz, at first it was to cure me but now seeing how powerful they are I can make myself beautiful and have this power," She said. 

Running to us. Nero pushes me away and makes wind, push her away, and Scott tries to seal her again this one was different, lighting from around her. 

"I can't hold this for so long," said Scott.

"We can't force them," Nero said. 

He faces me      

"Let go!" Nero said.

 We ran into the portal and made it to Nero's house, once there his shoes look like, they were cut up, and his pants were ripped up.

"Get into the house there's a stronger barrier there," Nero said.

Once in, we see her holding a bottle and drinks it. We watch as she started chanting. 

"She can't be serious," said Nero. 
"Nero that combustion magic," said Scott

"It's fucking unstable that what it is," Nero said    

"Scott takes them into my room, I'll get my mom," He said.

"Nero! Scott! Where have you been? Why are they there!" His mother said.

"Where's dad?" Nero said.

Nero's dad comes in.

"Why the fuck is that Wicked there!" He said.

"We got to go," Nero said.

My mother goes to the table and picks up a letter, his father looks that it was given the same expression.

"Mom! Dad! Come on we need to leave," Nero said pulling them.

They follow us to the room and Nero pulls out a navy blue jacket and puts it on.

"Come, guys, I need to close this, I can feel it breaking my barrier," He said. He points out that a dot on the wall.

"What is that?" Matt said,

"It's a dot, just jump in and it'll take you to my room on the other side, come on we have no time for this, I need to close it," said Nero.

We all went in and hit the floor of another room full of items, jars, chests, books, clothes, messy, and a huge bed with a huge snake on it.

"Scott, Who are these people?" Said the Snake.

Do all animals talk in this world?

"Nero's friends," Scott said.

"Good day, Mrs. and Mr. Mars it has been a long time," Said the snake, they seem to know her.

Then Nero flys in and crashes on the floor with the dots in both of his hands, his wings were beautiful but burn in some locations in his wings, and the souls flying out of the window of the room.

"Ahh, shit," He said coughing.

He rolls over to reveals burns the snake makes her way to him. We stood there as he talks to his snake, his wings were beautiful crimson, metallic-looking, and shift in different shades of red.

"Fuck why does it sting so much," said Nero. 

The snake was picking away the burn area only for it not to be burn flesh but a gel black sustains. The snake put them in jars. As she and Nero pick at the black stuff, Nero was healing faster. 

"What do you expect when Wickeds are fulled of toxic poison, a drop of their blood stops any type of healing," said Eve    

"That least it wasn't on your back, that would hurt even more," Scott said.

"So Nero, why did you bring humans, here," asked Eve looking at us.

"Wicked," He said.

"Oh," said Eve.

Like he didn't need to explain, the snake understood. Now that I think about it, Eve is ridiculously huge. She was a very pretty snake, with green and black scales that reflected different colors just like Nero's wings but dull in comparison.

"So what do we do now?" I asked.

Nero looked that me.

"Ok new plan, I'll deal with my parents in private, I'll be back, just stay here, Scott, Eve's in charge, I'll explain everything, I just need ten minutes, be right back," He said.

He takes his parents out of this room and leaves.

We started to hear cries, Nero's mom is crying, I felt bad, I'll assume the worst and seeing what Nero can do, and how serious they acted when Master was casting her magic.

Matt looks that the books Nero has.

"Hey, no one told you to touch those," said Scott,

"Whatever there just a bunch of love letters what a player," Matt said.

"there I thought he would have some spell books," I said

"How about you stop touching his stuff," Fry said.

"Oh come on, you guys are going to act like your not curious?" Matt said.

"All those letters or from Master's beloved," said Eve upset. 

 Don't tell me, just then he comes in and looks that us.

"Ok, what the hell are you guys talking about? Did you go through my stuff?" He said.

"These humans spoke ill of you," Eve said.

"Ill of me? Like what?" He asked.

He looked that Matt and me, his eyes pierced my soul, he seems so disappointed, I never have seen a beautiful face look so sad, I cave in.

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