The Sparkle of Dark

1| Stormy Past!!

The pitch dark clouds were grumbling when sudden silver lightning strikes the sky illuminating it only for a fraction of second. The trees are jerking by the gusts of winds. The thunder, accompanying the lightning, shuddered her entire body. The torrential downpours are tremendous and utterly accountable. The thunderclap freaked her and she rested her head down on her knees, shivering with her hands wrapped around the knees. The glass windows rattled by the stormy winds. The radiant lighting illuminated the entire darkroom for a sliver of a second, but for her, it doesn't matter 'cause her world revolves around the darkness. 
She tried to hold up her head from the knees but a sudden thunderclap freaked her. She bit her lips hard when blood to ooze out of it and licking her dry lips, she tasted the salty blood. Her pale, pink lips are now exuding while her body is racked with silent sobbing. She stood up struggling and holding the edge of the bed. The darkroom is bitter cold causing goosebumps around her pale, fragile body. She tiptoed towards the cupboard with her hands spreading around searching for any obstacle on her path. Reaching the cupboard she opened it with trembling hands and squirmed into it with her hands wrapped around her knees. The thunderclap is increasing along with the rattling sound of the glass window and the heavy downpours. Her sightless, beautiful eyes are brimming with fresh tears while her lips are oozing out blood. She recalled the same night a few weeks back when her entire world went upside down. The jocund family which she celebrates perished in that same night.
Flashback starts ~~

"Mom! Where are we going", Ava called her mother from the backseat of the car.
" Honey, we are going to visit the concert of.... ", her mom trailed off with a huge grin plastered on her face. 
"Glenn Gould ", her father announced while driving the car.
" Really!!!", Ava exclaimed with ecstasy.
Her mom and dad nodded their heads while grinning from ear to ear.
"But how come I didn't know?", Ava asked with wrinkled brows. 
" Because we kept it a surprise ", her dad chuckled while focusing on front and Ava giggled. 
They are driving the car through the bleak and gloomy night. The heavy torrential rain freezes the weather. The gleaming headlights of the car are unable to pierce through the inky dark road with the heavy downpour and lightning. The thunderstorms are quite eerie and frightening.
" Mom!! The weather is quite bad today", Ava said while looking out from the car window. 
"Yeah, Honey", mom said looking worried. 
" Don't worry Catherine, we will soon reach our destination", dad turned to look at mom while placing his hand over her.
Suddenly, the honking sound of a lorry hitter our ears. David, Ava's dad, snapped his head abruptly at the front. He looked horrified seeing the lorry pacing towards them at high speed with large honking sound. David turned the steering towards the right, while the lorry came dashing towards them in a zigzag manner. The torrential rainfall caused difficulty for David to control the speed of the car. The lorry, dashing with wild honking came towards them and is only inches apart. 
"David!!!!", Catherine shouted looking at the pacing lorry. 
David pulled the steering towards the right and the car lot its speed and headed towards the huge tree.
"Dad!!!!", Ava shrieked at the top of her lungs, when the car collided with the huge tree and everything went black.

Flashback ends~~

She closed tightly her dysfunctional, pretty eyes and an alone fresh tear escaped itself and trickled down her tear-stained, pink cheeks which are now pale and white. She fisted her hairs in her hands tightly to bear the horrendous stormy rainfall and the darkness wrapping her. 
" Mom!!!", she whispered with trembled lips and a sore throat due to all crying. 
She shook her head abruptly to erase the darkness but failed. Her ruffled hair is falling all over her tear-stained face, stinking on her wet skin.
She sobbed with all her heart and soon sleep engulfed her.
The next morning is bright and cloudless, after the torrential stormy rain last night. The sun peeked into the darkroom through the large glass windows and illuminated the entire room. Ava is curled up inside the cupboard, resting her head on the wooden board. 
Suddenly, the loud banging sound of the door woke her up. She spread her hands around to recognize the surrounding. The touch of a cold, wooden board, notified her about the cupboard. Ava tried to push the cupboard door and putting out her leg first, she pulled out her entire fragile body to the bright sunny room. She blinked her eyes, again welcoming the darkness. The banging sound of the door increased and a sudden soft sound is heard.
"Ava dear, open the door please", the soft sound strikes her ears and locating the sound she headed towards the door with hands spreading across. Suddenly, her leg rolled with the edge of the carpet and she fell on the ground. The cold, hard floor hits her body, causing a shiver.
" Oh my God!!! Are you okay dear?", the soft sound seemed to be worried.
"Yes!" She whispered back at her. Struggling, she stood up again and headed towards the door. 
Opening the door, a beautiful lady at her thirties, engulfed her in a hug.
"Sweetheart, are you okay?", she asked with worry dripping from each syllable. 
" I'm fine Aliona", she assured her with a smile, while wrapped around by the motherly hug.
"Thank God!", she let out a long sigh.
" last night was so stormy, I was worried about you so...", she said while pulling out from the hug.
"I came to check you but you didn't answer so I went", she said with a little guilt in her voice.
" Yeah, sorry for this. I guess I had slept therefore maybe", Ava said while recollecting last night incident.
"Ohh okay, nevermind. Get ready we must visit the doctor today ", saying so Aliona kissed her cheeks and turning around went downstairs. Ava smiled, thinking about Aliona and headed back inside her room.
She walked cautiously towards the bed and sat down. The news about visiting the hospital made her uneasy. The smell of the medicines and disinfectants with all the throng of patients makes her nervous and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, she walked towards the washroom to fresh herself. Her entire body is pounding due to squirming inside the cupboard. Her lips left some dried blood stains while her hairs are ruffled sticking around her delicate, wet face.

Koushiki Bose

Edited: 22.12.2020

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