The Spirits' Guide

Chapter 5

Anxiety enveloped Owen as he entered the school.  No one noticed, they just continued to mill about.  He couldn’t believe that he never dreamed of what had happened last night in the basketball court.

Or did he?  He didn’t remember going home and a witch could never enter Aneria.  It was just ridiculous.

He felt like laughing at himself.  One night of weird dreams and he was believing that demons were after him and that a witch was being sent to his school.

All laughter died in his throat, however, when he noticed two girls that he had never seen before.  His school wasn’t big, four hundred students at most, so he knew every face.

Looking closer, he noticed more defining features of each girl.  One was a short blonde while the other was a blonde of average height.  Neither girl seemed to want to speak to the other.

Owen was taken aback as the short blonde looked at him and smiled.  Her eyes sparkled with amusement at his reaction.

Her sea-glass eyes.

So Owen was right, there were demons after him and a witch was protecting him.  He was right that he was in complete danger and there was no way he was going to get out of it without the witch’s help.  He sighed as he walked to her.

“I thought someone else was coming, Iris,” Owen said to Iris.  The girl looked up at him, confused.

“You must have me mistaken for someone else.  I’m Abigail, I’m new.”  The girl smiled at him as she introduced herself.  Owen shook his head.

“I see.  So, Abigail, where do you come from?”  Owen asked, fully aware of what Iris was doing.  She seemed a little annoyed by Owen’s attitude.

“Hepalia.  I just moved from there.”  Iris grounded out.  Owen was becoming more sure that she was Iris.  Only Iris had such a short temper.

“Hepalia is a nice country, at least that’s what I heard.  I also heard that they allowed witches to live with them, must’ve been tricky getting through the border.”  Owen continued.

He could see Iris physically grinding her teeth before she said, “If you think I’m a witch, you’re painfully wrong.”

By then, the other students noticed their conversation and were whispering amongst themselves.  If Iris was caught, she would be publicly executed through fire.  The school would be under lockdown for at least a week as the government searched through the students to see if there were anymore witches among the students.

That would be if they were lucky.  The government’s most preferred way of removing witches and the possibility of them is through locking all staff and students in the school and setting it ablaze.  Merely knowing a witch could give you a death sentence.

Owen had to remind himself of all of this.

“Never mind.  There’d be no possible way for a witch to enter the school,” Owen said quietly before he shrugged and walked away.

He had a feeling that Iris was going to do everything herself and leave without another word.  He needed to know why the demons were after him.  He needed Iris to know that he wanted to join in.

He may be human but he wasn’t as weak as he made himself appear.






She was doing a very good job of acting human.  Owen had been watching Iris the entire day, quite simple since they, coincidentally, had the same classes at the same time.

The young, or maybe not since she was possibly over five hundred years old, witch was currently laughing with the other girls of Owen’s class.

“You know, staring at girls is considered very creepy,” Owen jumped as a girl behind him told him off.

Turning around, he saw that it was the second new girl, Bernice McCraw.  Owen didn’t care about the girl, she was just the average new girl that you get in the middle of the year who leaves and never comes back by the end of the same year.

“I didn’t mean to stare.  Besides, it doesn’t involve you.”  Owen grunted as he continued to watch Iris slap a boy’s arm in laughter.

So she was just like any other mindless teenage girl in his school — not single until a muscled guy came in.

Was Owen jealous?  He shook his head to get the thought out.

“I guess you’re right but, still, I’m warning you: every girl can become a demon if you anger her,”  Bernice warned as she began to walk away.  Owen stiffened.

Was that a threat?  Was Bernice one of the demons after him?  That would make sense.  Two girls join the school the day after he was attacked by a demon could not be a coincidence.

“Hey, hey, hey, Bernice, come back here,” Owen said quickly.

If Iris was here to protect him, then she would need help.  Bernice looked back at Owen, her brown eyes twinkling at him in question.

“Since you’re new, how about I show you a good diner.  If you like floats, they have them, and they make the best ones in the city.”  Owen suggested, hoping she agrees.  Bernice looked at him confused.

“What the fuck is a ‘float’?”  She asked, clearly irritated.  Maybe all girls got annoyed easily.  Still, he could have kicked himself for this mistake, both new girls were international.

“A float is just a sweet drink with ice-cream.”  Owen explained, internally screaming at the look Bernice gave him.  If she really was a demon, she was going to make his death very painful.


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