The Stardust in Siya Nanda's Life

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To Make a Move-5

Sivan left our table and went out of the cafeteria. My eyes followed him till he disappeared behind the wall. I sat rewinding the conversation in my mind over and over, looking for even a slight chance of it being a dream. But it wasn’t. Sivan had joined our table, he had asked me about my hobbies, he had told me about his, he had said he would like me to go out with him and Rayna had played dumb throughout it all. I never thought a moment like this would come in my life when I would have a chance to stand face to face to Shelly and yell “You lose, Bitch!” at the top of my voice. I turned to Rayna with an evil grin on my face.

"Nope, you can’t do that! Bad idea.” She said casually.

“But you didn’t even hear the idea” I said.

“But I know it” the know-it-all high schooler in her said.

“Okay, whatever!” I sulked.

“Also, can you tell me what were you trying to say when Sivan said he knew you wouldn’t talk to him right away?”

“It was supposed to be Ha! That’s how I am wired inside out!” I told her.

“Thank god he didn’t have to hear it! You jerk, that’s not how you answer a question!”

“Oh well I know! It was supposed to be a witty comeback” I sulked.

“Okay, Number one! Bring me a cola. Number two, we really have to work on your witty comebacks. Meet me near the lake after school” Rayna ordered.

Suman Bhardwaj

#1975 in Romance
#240 in Contemporary fiction

Story about: young romance, secrets, humour

Edited: 02.02.2019

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