The Vampire Awakening | The Beginning




The next when Madeline made her way downstairs for breakfast, she could hear the townspeople causing a ruckus from inside her father's office, she pressed her ear against the door to eavesdrop. 

"We want answers Harry" one bellowed

"is it true what they're saying" another shouted.

The room fell silent apart from a few inaudible Mumbles "Now listen to me" Harry said in a loud. Domineering voice, "I know that it's a very daunting time for us right now, but I have my best team of huntsmen working day and night searching for whatever it is causing these attacks, so until further notice I suggest you all stay indoors come nightfall, and under no circumstances you must stay away from woods" her father announced, she heard chairs scraping on the floor and so she hurried away from the door the corridor so she wasn't punished for listening in.

When her father eventually came downstairs, Madeline noticed he looked flushed, "Is everything okay papa?" she asked reluctantly.

"fine, just fine" he mumbled clearly frustrated, his face was redder than usual, and his vein was sticking out by his temple.

"I saw you had a town meeting this morning, did it go okay?"

Harry studied his daughters face for a moment, he always got a pang of sadness when he did, as she was her mother's double in every way , they both had the same hair that fell around their fades the same way, the same eyes that danced when they laughed, Madeline had even inherited her mothers little beauty spot on the left cheek, he knew he couldn't keep it from her forever, after all, Riverwood was a small town and gossip spread like wildfire.

"Madeline, I told you about Will Carrington didn't I?"

"yes papa, it is terrible, have you found the animal that's causing it?"

"No not yet, we thought it had moved on with the lack of evidence" he took a deep breath "but...unfortunately another body has been found, this time not too far from here"

"what do you think it is? A Coyote?" Madeline asked.

Her fathers faced turned serious "whatever this is, it isn't an animal, I doubt it's human either"

What do you mean?" she frowned.

His eyes scanned the room, making sure they were out of earshot "vampires" he whispered looking at her with a serious look on her face.

"But father, there is no such thing" Madeline brushed off, she had had it with the talk of vampires.

"Madeline, it's time we had a little talk," he said solemnly

"about what?"

"what do you remember about your mother's death?" his question caught her off guard, the truth was she didn't remember anything at all, she remembered one day her mother was there, telling Madeline and her sister stories that she would make up just for them, and a two weeks later they were stood at her graveside in the rain, then it hit her, she never knew how her mother had died.

"your mother was murdered, Madeline," he said bluntly Madeline felt all the air leaves her lungs.

"w-w-what" she managed to mumble.

"By them" his eyes glazed with anger.

"father, that cannot be so, vampires are nothing but old wives tales... Aren't they?"

"unfortunately not they are very much real child, now the house will be going into lockdown, windows are going to be secured and nobody will be leaving or entering this house with our prior permission, have you got that!" Madeline nodded her head obediently

"I have work to do, I'll see you tonight at dinner," he said sliding his chair back and standing up.

"Daddy, do you think I could maybe visit Nicolas today?"

"Does he know you're going?"

"yes," Madeline lied.

"Then yes, but I want younhome before nightfall"

"I will papa I promise" Madeline grinned before rushing upstairs to get ready she couldn't wait to surprise Nicolai.


Edited: 24.01.2021

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