The Vampire Awakening | The Beginning


Madeline sat tapping the edge of her ink bottle on her desk.

"will you stop with that insufferable noise" Pierre snapped turning from the black board and looked at madeline sharply.

"Sorry" Madeline sighed, if there was one thing she hated was learning different languages, "I'm never going to go to France, so what is the point" she would protest every single lesson at every chance she could partly because it sounded they they were talking in tounge, but her tutor played a great part in it also, Madeline detested him.

Pierre Bisset was a extremely tall, long and exceptionally thin, he had a Bush of grey speckled black hair that sat on top of his head sometimes madeline would be certain it was a wig, and he had a moustache which he liked to curl up on either end, Madeline thought he looked ridiculous.

"Monsieur Bisset, do you believe in vampires?"

Pierre turned around and pulled his cresent glasses to the end of his nose "Vampire folklore is very big in France, why do you ask?"

"With all that is happening, I just thought maybe I should know what we might be dealing with" she shrugged.

"well, Madame Madeline" he said with his thick French accent rolling of his tounge "If a vampire was to have his sights on you, then there is no chance attempting escape them, they are sly, they are vicious and I pray to the heavenly father above that you will never have to Cross the path of one"

"Have you ever met one"

"A long long time ago when I was a boy, I did but that is a memory I like to forget l"

"why didn't it attack you"

"some said I was lucky, but I believe its bunch of mayflower I had picked for my mother" he stared thoughtfully out of the window.

"what did it look like?"

Pierre turned and looked at her "Just like you and me, he looked like a completely ordinary person"

"so how did you know he was a... Vampire?"

"his eyes, they were as black as night, one moment he was there looming over me, his teeth" Pierre shuddered as if an ice cold breeze descended down his spine .

"Can they effect your dreams?" she frowned, Pierre rushed over to the table placing his hands either side of her.

"Madeline have you been seeing them in your dreams?" he looked at her with a serious expression one she had never seen on his face before.

"Uh, no" she lied "it was just a question"

"Dreams are normally warnings of things to come, Madeline if you are having dreams like this you must tell me"

"I'm not" she replied defensively.

"very well then, I think we should call it a day, you are dismissed, i will see you at the same time next week" Madeline collected her things together and rushed out out of the room, she needed some air.

She hurried to the stable block and sat on a bale of straw, trying to gather her thoughts, she thought she was going crazy.

Her horse, majesty began rearing in her stable, "Calm down girl" Madeline patted her neck as she grabbed her head collar "what on earth has gotten in to you"

"You Must be madeline?" a well dressed blonde woman appeared from out of nowhere.

"Yes, sorry who are you?" Madeline asked the stranger, she was the most prettiest girl Madeline had ever seen, she looked just like one of the China dolls her mother used to collect.

"Your not as pretty as I expected" She looked down her nose at madeline who had a stray piece of straw sticking out of her hair.

"Do I know you?" Madeline frowned.

"No but you really should, you see that Fiancé of yours should of told you all about me?" she smirked.

"Who Nicolai? We're not officially engaged, it's just to keep my father happy, I'm sorry who are you?"

She took a few steps closer towards the stable where madeline stood, Majesty whinnyied and reared causing Madeline to fall onto the floor.

"Tell nico, scarlett said hello and that I'm dying to catch up" she smiled, her eyes turned black she flashed her teeth and as quick as she appeared she had gone, Madeline ran back to the house as fast as she could, bursting through the doors, breathless and panting "Papa. Vampire. Stables.!" she managed to say between gasps.

A few guards that harry had hired recently went charging out of the room "Fetch the Cordova's" he ordered to another who went rushing out the door obediently.

"How can it be so? It's day light! The sun is high" Harry tried to reason with her whilst trying to hide his panic

"I know what I saw papa" the colour had drained from her face, and her hands were shaking.

"And a female you say?" he twiddled his beard as his paced the study

Nicolai came rushing through the door "I came as soon as I heard, Madeline my love are you okay?" he reached to grab her hand, but she flinched and pulled away.


Edited: 26.01.2021

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