The Vampire Awakening | The Beginning


All through the night Madeline tossed and turned, so much going on inside her head it was like it had forgotten that she needed sleep, but in the moments that she did finally succumbed to the heaviness of her eyes she would fall into the most vivid dream, but instead of being in the woods, she was Turning down the winding corridors of the house, the soft white curtains blowing in the wind from the open windows, everything seemed to be moving fast but she seemed to be stuck in slow motion, her limbs felt weighted down as she slowly pulled herself forward on the handrails.

She opened the door to her father's study, the carpet that concealed her mother memoirs ripped back, Madeline stood over the hole in the floor, and they're as clear as day twinkling In the moonlight that cascaded that shone through the crack of the curtains her mother's Ruby necklace...

Madeline woke up panting, she knew exactly what she should do, she slipped shoes and quietly crept to her father's office, soon she had an eerie feeling of de Ja Vu, standing in front of her father study door, she slowly pushed the door open, she held her breath as is creaked open, she expected just like in her dream for the rug to be pulled back, but it wasn't, everything was how it should be, she rushed over opening up the compartment, she reached inside and felt around, she groaned frustration, she really thought she would have found what she was looking for giving her the proof she needed.

She flipped the rug back over, as she reached for the light switch, she noticed a book that wasn't in line like the rest sat on the shelf around it, taking her chances she quickly pulled the book from the shelf and flipped it opened it up and there it sat, in a small hollowed-out compartment, Madeline felt sick to her stomach.

Did this really mean her father had killed her? She felt sick to her stomach, she heard a thud from outside the doorway, she shoved the necklace into her pocket, pushed the book back onto the shelf and left.

"what are you doing skulking around at this ungodly hour" her father boomed, his face screwed with anger and she could smell the distinctive smell of stale whiskey on his breath.

"I was just looking for a book daddy" she stammered, Harry raised his hand and swung it down hitting his daughter's cheek, Madeline collapsed to the floor clutching her stinging face.

"get to your room, I don't want to see your face" he slurred dragging her up by her arm and pushing her away Madeline couldn't bring herself to Look at him, with tears welling in her eyes, she ran back to her room trying her hardest not to let the tear fall down her cheek.

She threw herself on to her bed and began to sob uncontrollably, she clutched the necklace to her chest this was the closest she had felt to her mother for a long time, it was the only possession she had left of hers, she thought about what her father would do if he found out she had taken it.

The bedroom door creaked open, "Miss Madeline" Bessie whispered, she noticed her friend sprawled on her bed crying into her pillow "oh my, dear are you okay?" she rushed up. To comfort her.

"I think he killed her Bess, my own father, he killed her" she sobbed in between sniffs.

"This is why I have come, miss Madeline, I think I may have found a way to get the answers you deserve"

"How so?" Madeline sniffed looking up, Bessie cocked her head in sympathy at her friend's tear-stained face.

"here" Bessie handed her a folded price of yellowed paper, "be careful it's delicate" she winced as Madeline started opening it.

"what is it?" Madeline frowned.

"a truth spell, I make the person tell the truth"

"does it work?"

"there's only one way to find out" she nodded towards the door, where you could hear Harry's feet shuffling to bed.

"If he catches us, Bessie, we're in trouble"

"I know, but you want your questions answered, nows your chance"

"Okay, so what do we do?"

"well first he needs to be asleep"

"give him 10 minutes and he'll be out like a light, I mean he's drank enough whiskey today"

"then we cast the spell, he'll think he's dreaming and the truth will come spilling out"

"let's do it"

"Are you sure?" Bessie raised her brow.

"I've never been more sure of something in my whole life" she slid the necklace before securing the clasp and gave Bessie the nod...

"then let's go"



Edited: 26.01.2021

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