The Vampire Awakening | The Beginning


"Wow, it's beautiful" Madeline gasped as they walked into the gigantic foyer, "yeah, how did you manage to swing this one sis? Nicolai eyes his sister suspiciously.

"quite easy actually, apparently this town don't see many beautiful women" she shrugged.

"so you walked in, batted your eyelashes and they handed you the keys to a 7 bedroom mansion, no I'm not buying it"

"oh Nico, forever the sceptic" she rolled her eyes "I looked for which had been foreclosed the longest, compelled the poor chap to hand the keys over and sign that it's sold, went to the bank compelled the bank manager to give me a loan for the house, and then pay it off" she smiled proudly "don't all thank me at once, will you".

"you little sister are a genius" Aleczander laughed.

"I know," she said smugly, "I'm having the largest bedroom unless you and Madeline are you know" she lowered the tone of her voice into a whispered "you're having pre-marital" causing Madeline to blush, "stop being stupid Vi"

"oh Lighten up" Violetta laughed slapping her brother's shoulder playfully "and I hope you've got some more presentable clothes with you" she smiled coyly and she walked up the stairs her arm trailing on the banister.

"Viola! What have you got planned" Nicolai demanded.

"why, the party on the century big brother"

"We can't! Madeline isn't In control of her feelings yet, we can't put her in a house full on pulses, the poor girl will go mad"

"Nic, I'll be fine" Madeline protested.

"No, Madeline I'm not putting you In a situation like that, you will not be able to control yourself"

"stop telling me what to do!" Madeline snapped "Madeline you can't do this, no Madeline you can't do that! That is all I ever hear you say" she folded her arms and turned to Violetta "so throw your party, I'll be fine maybe I'll learn a few things" she shrugged, she walked past Violetta who was still stood on the stairs, mouth slightly open with shock, she had never heard anybody with courage to speak to her brother like that, let alone walk away with their head still connected to their shoulders.

"Madeline" Nicolai ordered, his eyes Full of fury, she completely ignored him and continued up the stairs, how dare he tell me what I can and can't handle she fumed and she flung open the bedroom doors, the house, fortunately, came fully furnished, it has once belonged to a rich aristocrat who had died many years ago, having no family left to pass it on to it was left sat there to rot, Violetta was lucky as in a few days the council were planning on flattening it to the ground, the house although it looked slightly worn on the outside, the inside was decorated impeccably, all the bedrooms were equipped with four-poster beds laden with gold floral motifs, the dining room had a giant banquet table, it was as though the doors had been shut one day and that was that, a quiet knock came from the other side of the door.

"go away Nic, I don't want to talk to you" she sighed sitting down on the dusty bed.

"It isn't nice," Violetta say quietly before walking into the room "is everything okay?"

"I guess, it's just" she stood up and walked to the window, the sun just beginning to set she let out a soft sigh...

"your missing life?"

Madeline turned and looked at Violetta who had the same mournful look on her face "how do you do it? Don't you miss it"

"Every day, but do you know what I miss more than life Maddie" she took a deep breath "love... Don't get me wrong I'm not short of offers, but humans they don't last long enough, and vampires well they are all arrogant and cannot stand having a woman than is stronger than them, your lucky to have Nicolai Madeline"

"I just wish I wasn't confined to the house during the day, I just want to feel normal again"

"here" Violetta unclipped the bluestone necklace from around her neck "take this"

"what is it?"

"It will protect you from the sunlight, I had it blessed for a um friend "

"Are you sure?"

"of course I'm sure, you don't have to wait until we can convince my father to give you both his blessing"

"oh viola thankyou" she squealed wrapping her arms around her "but please you take this" she opened up her case and unwrapped a piece of discoloured material that Contained Madeline's jewels, she rifled through and pulled out a pair of single diamond earrings, set in gold.

"Madeline I can't take those they look like they cost a fortune"

"the probably did, please take them, I don't need them, I've got a whole room full of them" she stopped a minute "when I can get back to it that is"

"I tell you what" Violetta smiled "ill get Jeffrey to get me a bottle of something from my bag and me and you are going to get to know each other"

"I'd like that" Madeline smiled.

"ill leave you to get settled in and I'll see you downstairs.

Madeline lit the candelabra giving the room a homely glow, and began unpacking her stuff, it was nice to finally have some space to lay out her things, in the place they had been staying before she had to keep her belongings in her bags underneath the bed, she hung her few dresses that she still has possession of in the wardrobe and laid her brush on the dresser, but she still felt empty, she knew she was being bratty, she had been given the gift of eternal life, she was getting married to an extremely handsome man, maybe a glass of wine with Viola would cheer her up and it was exactly what she needed.

"here" Violetta smiled pushing a glass into her hand.

"thanks" Madeline sniffed inside the glass "ew, what is it?"

"blood from an 1820 aristocrat, the finest"

Madeline put the glass to her lips and let the liquid pass her lips "not bad" she shrugged "do you not hunt like Nic and Alecs do?"

"of course, I just like to have a bottle of a special something for occasions like this"

"did it take you long to adjust?"


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