The Vampire Awakening | The Beginning


Madeline woke up early with a plan to get back on the road, she had finally decided where she was going, she was going to see Bessie, it had been nearly 10 years since she had last seen her best friend, and she her advice on what to do and Madeline wondered if her friend knew any spells to help her and Nic have a baby, even though he would most probably want to kill her right now.

Madeline walked into the kitchen expecting to see Mary faffing away in the kitchen, but she was taken aback by a stranger sat at the table, he looked up and smiled at Madeline.

"Good morning, you must be my Aunts guest" he smiled, butterflies arose in Madeline's tummy, he was extremely handsome, short brown hair which was swept back from his face, a dazzling smile.

"uh... Yeah, uh you must be her nephew" she mumbled suddenly feeling awkward.

"my Aunts just gone to get some breakfast, I hope your hungry" he raised he eyebrow and smiled, Madeline stood awkwardly for a moment but she could feel his eyes boring into, she was starving... but not for a slice of toast the lack of blood made her feel weak kind of like when a human is hungry and they feel light-headed.

"Are you okay miss?" he quickly jumped up noticing her turning pale and her eyes rolling.

"Yeah, I'm, uh fine" she tried to steady herself and quickly sat down on the nearest chair.

"The names Charlie by the way" he smiled as he pushed the chair in, "so where is it your heading too?"

"I uh" made pine stuttered she hated being put on the spot like that especially by a stranger.

"sorry I don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable, I was just trying yo make conversation"

"I know, I'm sorry I just feel a little unwell, I feel better once I get on my way" Madeline smiled trying to ignore another wave of nausea.

"Hey, you're not going anywhere until I know your well enough" he smiled, which suddenly made Madeline feel at ease.

As Madeline sat in the chair, she had a strange feeling wash over here, she kept noticing Charlie having a quick glance at her whenever he thought she wasn't looking, she felt the need to make her excuses and leave as quickly as she could, Charlie began pottering at the back of the house, so Madeline made a quick getaway attempt, she hurried into the room where her small bag of belongings and hastily made her way to the door.

Just as Madeline put her hand on the door handle, she felt a hand come down on her shoulder "leaving so soon" Charlie smirked, his soft kind face had changed to an angry distorted scowl, but his eyes lowered to her chest and saw the necklace hanging around her neck.

"I knew it" his whispered.

"let go" Madeline squirmed trying to get out of his hold.

"no, wait!" he pulled her back "look" he pulled a similar style necklace from around his neck "we're the same"

Madeline's already pale face, drained even more "your.. A.. A..."

"yes! My aunt had her suspicious last night and as soon as a heard, I had to come see for myself"

"I don't understand" Madeline froze, she had that horrible anxious feeling in her stomach, that feeling where you feel like you've done something wrong.

"your the same as me, we're the same Madeline, and you don't know how elated I am, I thought we were a dying breed, but clearly I was wrong" he looked at her as a child would, his eyes full of wonder and excitement "and your new to this right?"

"is it that obvious?" Madeline sighed.

"A little" he shrugged "I mean I was once like you, naive and scared so I see a bit of myself in you if I'm being truthful"

"and your aunt?"

"oh, no she's not one of us, she's a witch" he shrugged as though it was common to be living among witches and vampires Charlie saw the sigh of relief, "so what's the story?"

"what story?"

Charlie took a bite of an apple and lent in the doorway casually "what is it? Escaping a terrible relationship? Has a town realised that your some big horrible monster and they chased you out of town?" he smiled, a smile that sent the butterflies in her stomach WILD.

"neither actually, let's just say I'm trying to find myself, I just got to the point where I don't know who I am or who I even was"

"let me guess, you met a handsome stranger found out he was a vampire, begged him to turn you, he did and now you don't like it"

"partly correct, although as much as I begged him to turn me, he wouldn't well until he didn't have a choice, and here I am"

"sounds fun" Charlie laughed.

"And yours?"

"my what? my Story?" he replied seemingly caught off guard.

"well yes, I told you mine"

"we'll leave mine for another day" he tried to smile, but she could see the pain in his eyes.

"was it a girl?" Madeline jibed, but he was saved by the return of his aunt, who came clattering through the door.

"oh good morning, you're awake! How did you sleep?" she looked different in the daylight, less of a sweet old lady and a little more witchy.

"well thank you, but I'm going to leave soon, I've got a bit of a journey ahead of me"

"not before you have a hearty breakfast" Mary slammed a bucket of thick red liquid, the smell wafted under Madeline's nose "deer blood" she smiled "collected it myself" she beamed seemingly proud of herself.

After Madeline had drunk her "breakfast" she couldn't help but notice Charlie staring at her...

"can I help?"

"No, sorry you're just the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on the 100 years I've been alive" he swooned.

"oh Charlie, give over, leave the poor girl alone" Mary rolled her eyes.

"I uh have a fiancée"

"you do?" they both spun round in unison.

"I mean, I did, I'm not sure he'll be too happy with me right now"

"Is he one of us too?" Charlie asked you could see the disappointment in his eyes.

"he is, but right now neither of us are happy right now, so I thought.."


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