The Vampire Awakening | The Beginning


The pair set off on their adventure to help give Madeline some peace, Charlie had turned up with a cart he had been making along with his horse Joe.

"you called your horse joe" Madeline screwed her nose up.

"yeah, I thought horses might be getting sick of having these Mundane name so I gave him a human one" he shrugged as he attached Joe's reins to jetts.

"But of all the names in the entire world, you picked Joe"

"you like that name don't you, you useless chuck off fur" the horse lifted his lip in the hair as if he agreed.

"so where to m'lady"

"Riverview, it's just south of..."

"yeah I know where it is" he replied coldly.

"is there a problem?"

"no, no problem it's just I haven't visited there for centuries" he cracked the whip and the two horses cantered off pulling Madeline, charlie and the cart smoothly behind them.

"so tell me your story Madeline, how did you become to be"

"it's a long story, but to put it shortly, my mother died, my father, I suspect had something to do with it, he was a violent drunk, I met Ni... I met my fiancé and he showed me the real world in all its technicolour glory, we had to leave the town after it was kidnapped by his psychopath brother, because of his even more crazy ex-girlfriend"

"wow," he scoffed.

"And yours?"

"I was 23 and had just started a job in a coal pit where I became friends with a man, he promised me the world, riches, women, immortality and me coming from a poor mining family grabbed the opportunity with both hands, everything was fine until the villagers found out there was a. Monster in the town Charlie's eyes glazed over "they burned my families home to the ground, I watched as my whole family burned to death"

"that awful" Madeline replied also. Biting back the tears.

"They died because of me, they where innocent, my poor sister was 12 none of them deserved that fate, and now. I have to live with the guilt for the rest of eternity, I still see her face screaming at the windows, but I couldn't do anything" a single tear fell from his eye, Madeline slipped her arm around him and put her head on His shoulder.

"I'm so sorry Charlie"

"When Mary found me I had given up, I was in the verge of death, be that from my own doing, I didn't care I would leave a trail of devastation behind me where ever I visited, Mary saved me, so I owe her my life"

For the rest of the journey, they sat in silence, the sky darkened around them, "I guess we should set up camp here for the night, Riverview is only another hour or two away" he turned around when Madeline didn't reply but she was softly sleeping, 
He pulled the horses over and tethered them to a nearby tree, and pulled the canopy over the cart.

He didn't sleep, vampires didn't need sleep, he sat at watched her, her pure and innocent beauty, he knew her fiancé would have been extremely controlling as for a 10-year-old vampire she was extremely naive, he had only known her short of twenty-four hours, but he had felt like he had known her for a lifetime already.

Before he knew it, the sun began to. Rise, it always made him feel a pang of sadness that he can't enjoy the feeling of the heat beating down on his shoulders.

"good morning" Madeline stretched "did you sleep well?"

"We don't need sleep" Charlie laughed.

"I know but I love sleep" shrugged

"you ready?"

"well I'm a bit hungry" she.smiled sleepily.

"ugh, give me a second" he shot out of the cart and returned to seconds later with two squirrels squirming in his hands "here"

"I can't kill that" she whined, "look how cute they are"

"oh excuse me whilst I go rustle up some bacon" Charlie rolled his eyes.

Madeline refused again.

"look, you need to eat something, or when we get to the village you'll be more interested in sinking your teeth into someone's neck rather than taking a trip down memory lane"

Madeline looked at the fluffy little squirrel one last time "I really can't"

With that, Chris snapped it's neck and threw it to her "you've got about 60 seconds to drink before it goes bad"

Charlie jumped back out of the cart and began to tack the horses up, Madeline emerged a few moments later "better?" he smiled.

"yes but I feel like a terrible human being"

"then it's a good job you're not a human being then isn't it, right" he patted one of the horses on the butt "you ready?"

"Are you sure it's a good idea? What if somebody recognises me"

"have you thought about drawing on a moustache?" Charlie laughed.

"I'm being serious Charlie! What if my dad's still there?"

"if we need to make a swift exit then we will, we've made it this far!"

"your right, let's get it over and done with" she groaned thinking that she'd made a terrible decision, Nicolai probably hated her and was most likely going mad, and now she was probably going to get her and charlie Killed.

"so tell me about this fiancé of yours, what's he like? Would I beat him in a fight?"

"he's sweet, charming he ticked every box on the perfect husband list... Well, he did and then all of a sudden he became distant and possessive I wasn't allowed to leave the house, I mean he would kill his sister if he knew she gave me this" she pulled the necklace that Violetta gave her out.

"well he sounds like an ass, I'd totally see beat him in a fight" he grinned.

"where did you get yours from?"

"my what? Pendant? I got that from an old friend"

"an old friend?... Is that a way of getting me to shut up?"

"I'll tell you all you need to know in due time, but your destination is finally coming in to view miss Madeline," he said in a pretend formal voice.



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