Thief of Thoughts

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Chapter Four

The next morning, I was almost too tired to get up.


My head was pounding and stung whenever I touched it. I was seriously regretting last night's excursion.

But I was so glad I'd gotten out of there before anything bad happened.

I guess something bad still had happened: my head hurt. But I guess I'd get over it. The cut on my arm was also much better now. I'd poured a whole ton of alcohol on it in the hopes of making it as unnoticeable as possible. I really wasn't in the mood for being questioned by anyone today.

I knew I probably would get questioned anyway. My entire day pretty much consisted of questioning.

Usually, I'd wake up around 9 or 10 - it was about 11 now, so I was already failing. Then, I was supposed to head over to my company. From there, I just kind of sat there, waiting for people to badger me with questions or issues they had throughout the day. I used to spend my time doing work for the online school that I'd been taking classes at, but I'd recently graduated. Now, I just felt like I was doing nothing.

Oh, but I was never alone, don't worry.

The thing about being a young billionaire is that there is a very small crowd of people like you, and so, whenever you found a fellow rich teenage entrepreneur, you tended to connect with them a lot. Like, a lot, a lot.

Which was why, while I was still half asleep, struggling convince myself to get the heck out of bed because I had some sitting around to do, I found myself suddenly drenched in water.

I screamed.

Then, I heard the sound of manic cackling.

"Oh my god! Jonah! What the hell!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, leaping out of my now soaking wet sheets. Jesus. I'd be surprised if all of that actually dried by that night.

I sent a death glare directly at the only other person in the room, who'd dropped the giant bucket that had previously contained tons of ice cold water. Jonah Davidson. Super rich, super famous. Known for his legendary invention of phone cases that were quite literally, invincible. Also, super known for being generally irritating and an overall horrible person.

Like right now.

hated him right now.

He was still doubled over on the floor, laughing his butt off. Oh, I'd show him.

I picked up the bucket from the floor where he'd dropped it, and ran into the bathroom. I had a maniacal grin on my face as I filled the entire bucket up with tap water. Then, I ran back to my room, where Jonah was finally realizing that I'd left.

He turned around, right before his doom. Wide brown eyes stared at me as I dumped the bucket over his head, having to get up on my tip toes to do it.

Water sloshed all over my carpet, drenching my feet more, but also drenching his dry outfit. His brown hair fell in front of his face, completely obscuring his eyes. He stumbled backwards, nearly tripping on the books on the ground by my bed.

I was grinning like a madman, feeling giggles in my throat. I was also shivering like hell. My pajamas would definitely need to go in the dryer after this.

"Ah...thanks for the shower. I'd forgotten to take one today," Jonah joked, still chuckling as he wiped his hair out of his face.




Jonah crossed his arms and looked at me with an incredulous expression at that last one. "Wow...I made a million dollars less than you last year, and you're just never going to let me live it down?"

"A million's a lot...," I replied with a devilish smirk.

"Says the billionaire." He kicked the bucket that was back on the ground to the side and stared at my room which was now practically a water park.

"So, why are you gracing my room this morning?" I asked. I leaned against the wall, staring at him with raised eyebrows.

"Well, your highness, you didn't happen to show up to work today, and you know how lonely it gets being a CEO and all...."

Jonah happened next door to one of my company's headquarters. It was the one that I usually worked at, since it was smaller and less noticeable by the public. Nobody in the press ever came because it was strictly forbidden. That didn't mean I never had visitors. In particular, Jonah was one of them...and he had too much fun constantly bugging me throughout my day. Sometimes, I wondered if he did anything at all for his company. Honestly, I would be surprised if he did.

"Yeah...well...some of us like to get some sleep....," I muttered in response. I crossed my arms, but remembered the cut. And how obvious it would be in that position. I quickly brought my arms back down, but not before Jonah's eyes caught it.

"Eliza Barnes!" he shouted, an amused expression spreading over his face. "Is that a cut? Did you get in a scuffle? Oh, please tell me you kicked someone's ass last night!"

I blushed furiously and tried to cover it back up so he couldn't see. "Actually, I accidentally cut myself while cooking."

"Wow...Eliza does something for herself for a change. What a miracle..." Then, his face scrunched up in confusion. "'re hand slipped all the way to your upper arm?"

I just shook my head and began picking my wet sheets off the floor where they'd fallen. I gathered them atop my bed, planning to deal with drying them later.

"Ah, no answer. So it was a scuffle."

I didn't answer.

"Hmm...suspicious. Ah well," Jonah said, finally giving up on asking. He tended to be like that. He wasn't always that curious - he preferred letting things be if they weren't immediately told to him. "So...are you still coming to Le Diner des Entrepreneurs tonight?"

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