This Isn't Goodbye

Chapter two

The alarm clock by the bed lamp shows the time to be 1:23 am, the light of the cellphone lyinging beside it flashed indicating an incoming call, a body roll on the bed to pick up the call, from his staggering movement, one can tell that he was still very sleepy, he picked up the phone.

"Hello" he said sleepily.

"Dr. Campbell, it's an emergency," an anxious voice said on the other end.

"Call Dr. Bush, I'm off" he replied huskily.

"Doctor Campbell, he cannot be reached and the person in question is your patient," the voice said and he groaned.


"Trixie Woolwich" the voice said and he jumped out of the bed immediately.

"What? When was she brought in?" He asked anxiously, his eyes cleared from sleep.

"About ten minutes ago sir" the voice replied and he dashed to his wardrope searching thoroughly.

"Fill me in on her case, I'm on my way," he ordered while taking off his pyjamas and putting on a pant.

"She was brought in unconscious sir by her friend, she is still here with her, we have already put her in the emergency room, we are only waiting for you."

"Hang on, I'm coming, just... Just make sure she is alright okay."

"Yes doctor" the voice answered and the line went dead. Jeremy rushed out of his apartment with his shirt in his hand, he was still putting on  his pyjamas shirt and he unbuttoned it on his way to his car, he got in and zoomed off immediately, droving past the red light and hoped the cops won't follow him. To get to the hospital from his home is about thirty minutes but he got there in ten. He rushed into the hospital and straight to the emergency room, he saw Kate crying at the hall and rushed to her immediately.

"What happened?" He asked anxiously.

"Jeremy" she shouted and ran to him "Trixie.." She was saying when the door to the emergency room opened and a nurse stepped out.

"Dr. Jeremy, you are needed" she said and Jeremy abandoned Kate immediately and went in, the red light turned on seconds after the door closed while Kate stared at it like it was the devil itself.

Minutes later, the light turned off and the door opened, Kate rushed to Jeremy immediately and he sighed.

"How is she?" She asked anxiously.

"We were able to put her out of danger for now" he answered.

Kate breathed out a sigh of relief, she felt her forehead with her hand to calm herself down. Looking at Jeremy, she found out he was staring at her, "what?"

"Kate, Trixie is not helping herself, what exactly happened that left her like that?"

Kate could see that he was trying to keep his anger at bay, she let out another sigh, "this morning, she felt so weak and I asked her to avoid work for today, but you know Trixie, she refused, she went to work. At the club, I was on stage dancing when I noticed a guy holding her hand, I saw discomfort on her face maybe because of what the guy was saying I couldn't hear but the next thing I know, Trixie slapped off his hand and turned to work away with her tray, maybe he felt embarrassed or what, I just don't know why he did it, but he got up, rushed after her, grabbed her by the hand and turned her to face him and then slapped her and pushed her down. I had jumped down from the stage to approach them but then people has already gathered around Trixie cause she didn't get up, the bouncers got hold of the guy while one of his friends was the one that brought us here."

Jeremy had his eyes closed, he felt his insides burning in anger at the unknown guy, he really wish he could have just a moment with him so that he could teach him how to treat a lady, especially a sick one, he was fuming inside but he took his time to calm himself down, "can't you help her resign?"

"I can't, I know Trixie, she will get angry" she said and he bit his lower lip.

"Kate, you don't understand the intensity of her sickness, with the way she is going Kate, she might not even last six months" he closed his eyes and let out a sigh, "she is stressing herself too much, she doesn't even have time for her checkups, can't you see? She is not even helping herself. I told Trixie the last time I met her to let me support her so that she won't have to stress herself, she told me she will think about but it's over a week now and I haven't heard from her, that's why I say help her resign, I will foot the bills." 

The look in his eyes touched Kate, he was almost pleading or maybe he was, she couldn't tell, she sighed while lost in thoughts, "I cannot resign for her but I will talk to her to accept your offer, she never told me about it, if I had known maybe this wouldn't have happened, don't worry I will talk to her."

Jeremy nodded, "please do, I will gladly appreciate it."

Kate nodded and they both walked to the room Trixie had been moved to but instead of leaving, he went an sat on a seat and Kate looked at him surprised.

"Jeremy?" She called and he looked at her.


"What are you doing?"

"Waiting for her to wake up."

"When will she be up?"

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