This Isn't Goodbye

Chapter seven

"So you and Jeremy now?" Kate asked as she handed Trixie a glass of water which she took with a smile.

 "Mm hmm" Trixie replied as she drank the water, she looked so peaceful and there was this everlasting smile on her face that Kate has been noticing for the past two days she had been in the hospital.

 "You look happy" she commented.

 "I am happy" Trixie agreed as she handed the glass back to her. Kate took the glass and placed it on the side table. She took a seat beside Trixie and watching her with keen eyes "what?" She asked with a smile.

 "Nothing, I just feel like I'm missing something. A week ago you refused giving Jeremy a chance, and now, you look so happy as if the love has always been there," Kate stated.

 Trixie smiled and closed eyes, she let out a low sigh before looking at Kate again, "you are one smart bitch" she stated, "and you are right, the love has always been there," she admitted.

 "Care to explain?"

 "You remember the boy I told you about, the one I fell  in love with in high school?"

 "Yes, the one you rejected Donald for, the same one you also didn't want to accept Jeremy for, how could I forget when you made him a priority in your life."

 Trixie chuckled and imagined how shock she will be when she finally learns that Jeremy is the one, "good, guess who he is."

 Kate furrowed her brows, "how can I guess when I have never seen him in your life and beside why talk about guessing?" She asked staring at Trixie, she noticed the smile on her face and her mind put two and two together, "oh my God, don't tell me he's Jeremy? I mean, he was your classmate in highschool right?"


 "So it's Jeremy? He has been the one all along?"


 "What!" Kate screamed as she stood up immediately "it's been Jeremy? How come you didn't let him know, I mean all this while he has been coming after you, why didn't you tell him, why reject him at first?"

 "That's  too many questions," Trixie pointed out.

 "I don't care, answer them," Kate insisted.

 "Fine, at first I thought he doesn't love me, then that night he told me he loves me, I was happy and sad, I cried and laughed at the same time."

 "It was that night" Kate stated nodding, remembering the night it had happened and she had  throught she had lost it, so it was because she received a love confession from her highschool love?

 "Yes, I didn't know what to do, heaven knows that I want to be with him but then I thought it was pointless, I have only a short time to live, no need getting beautiful memories that will only make him miss me more when I'm gone so I decided to keep my feelings a secret. I lied to him that Donald is the one I love and the only one I will love."

 Kate sighed, she couldn't believe she was in the same house with her all this while and she never thought things to be going like this "so how did he get to know, I mean, you wouldn't have told him yourself except ..." She was saying until she remembered "the diary, you have written everything in the dairy and he read it. No wonder you never let me read it!" She exclaimed.

 Trixie sighed and licked her lips, "yes, I didn't want to leave this world with him not knowing about my feelings so I figured, if I can't tell him myself then my diary should."

 "Oh Trixie, the pain you must have been going through. Having the man you love beside you and also knowing that he loves you but you can't be with him."

 "He was so close yet so far away," Trixie admitted.

 "But do you know you are the most stupid and crazy girl I have ever seen" Kate suddenly said.

 Trixie stared at her shocked "whatever brought about that."

 "Honestly, you have loved a man all your life and you suddenly learnt that he loves you too and you decide to just keep your feelings a secret, simply because you believe that you don't have long to leave. Don't you know what you should have done was grab him and then live the remaining days of your life in happiness and love."

 Trixie sighed and closed her eyes "I know that now" she remembered how peaceful she had felt this past two days of having Jeremy's love, how happy she was and realize how stupid she must have been.

 "Well, I'm more than happy that Jeremy is a fighter, if not, I'm sure he would have been gone by now, judging by how you have been treating him," Kate said and Trixie smiled.

 "I am lucky."


 Trixie stayed for a week in the hospital before Doctor Chopra visited her and took some tests but his facial expression wasn't good to look at, and Jeremy was quick to notice.

 "It's everything alright Rahul?" Jeremy asked as they both sat in his office.

 Rahul sighed and slowly shook his head, "I don't understand, I am doing everything I should. It showed improvement that time you were in Mumbai, but now, it has gone back to the way it was."

 "But you can still do something right? I mean, she still has thirty percent chance of surviving right?" Jeremy's lips trembled as he asked that.

 Rahul sighed and was silent for a little while before answering, "twenty percent, her chance is twenty percent."

 Jeremy felt like he was suffocating, he tried to take in a lot of air but he couldn't, his eyes welled up immediately as he looked at Rahul, "twenty percent, can we still work with it?"

 "Jeremy I don't think we should keep on trying, I mean, twenty percent is not a chance, thirty percent was already too low but I decided we give it a try but twenty? I don't know."

 "Please, please Rahul, we have to do something, the twenty percent is still better than one percent, there is no need giving up now."

 "And there is no need spending unnecessarily."

 "I don't care! Let me spend, just help me, please" Jeremy pleaded.

 Rahul looked at him and sighed, "she is more than a friend to you isn't she? You love her."

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