Through The Night



"See? They were still friends that time and you can already see who is more whipped between the two." Asher interrupts their talk and that earned a sidekick from his best friend. "What? I was just telling the truth!"

"Stop destroying the mood for storytelling Ash!" Julian gives him a rough side kick as well.

"Nice kick kid." He smirks as they did another high-five.

"How did you found out that you love her, Cap?

Christian feels hot as he remembers the memory perfectly. "It happened on our first date."

"What did you guys do?"

The Captain smiles. "What we usually do." He looks at the latter. "We watch the stars."



"What is that?"

"That's Aquila."

"And what's the story behind it."

"It's an eagle and he's the one carrying Zeus's thunderbolt."

"Hmm... how about that one?"

"Cassiopeia." Christian answers. "She boasted her beauty was greater than a sea nymph which was offensive, so she was banned to the heavenly realms."

"There must be a lot of constellations out there huh."

"88 to be exact. But I believe there's a lot more out there, waiting to be discovered."

"Is there a constellations about lovers?"

"There is one I know..." Christian tries to recall. "It's about Perseus and Adromeda, Cassiopeia's daughter."

"Tell me about them."

"Perseus saved Andromeda when he was flying home with Pegasus. She was chained by the Gods to feed to a sea whale named Cetus as a form of punishment for Cassiopeia for being so boastful. He then made an agreement with her parents that if he saves her, he would have the right to marry the girl."

"Did they get married?"

"Not the easy way though." He answers. "When Andromeda was successfully saved, she was already promised to another man and so Perseus challenged the guy into a duel and then, later on, he realizes that he was outnumbered... So he pulls out Medusa's head from his magical bag, the same trick he used to kill Cetus and won the right to marry Andromeda."


"They get to live happily ever after and die of ripe old age. The Gods placed them under the sky, together with the Pegasus, Cetus and Adromeda's parents. To teach the latter generations a lesson." He points up at the sky and drew lines. "That's Cassiopeia, right? Down below is Andromeda and right beside her is Pegasus."

Lucy smiles as Christian finished his story. "It must be nice..."

"Nice being what?"

"Falling in love." Lucy says as he waits for her to continue. "Only a few are chosen to experience it at its finest... Not everyone gets their happily ever after right?" He nods in agreement and the Lucy sighs. "I wonder what falling in love would feel like."

"I think it would feel like standing on the edge of a cliff." Christian answers. "You don't know if there's something or someone down there to catch you when you fall but you find yourself jumping anyways."


"Because that's what love is sometimes. To not know its meaning but still go for it."

"Like a dog chasing cars." Lucy says out of nowhere. "You know how stray dogs like to chase cars in the streets?"


"I think falling in love is similar to that." She looks up and continues to admire the stars up above. "We chase people thinking that they're the one or we go around chasing kinds of stuff in hope it'll help us understand what love really is. But when we're already presented with the facts or the realities of what falling in love may actually mean—we don't know what to do with it... some run away, some stay still and some just go for it." She turns her head to the side, meeting Christian's beautiful orbs. "They don't know what falling in love means but they still go for it anyways."

"What will do if you find out what falling in love may mean?"

That made the girl chuckle. "I doubt I'll ever find out with the time I have left."

"Theoretically speaking, if you were born without aneurysm..." He trails off as he focused on Lucy's eyes. "What would you do?"

"Honestly?" She sighs. "I'd be like the dog... I don't know if I will still continue to chase after it, to find for another car to chase or to stop chasing anyone at all."

Suddenly, Christian was back at his feet. "Stand up." Lucy looks at her weirdly. "Come on, just get up."

The brunette complies and Christian types something in his phone and soon enough a piece of familiar music fills their atmosphere. "Finn, what are we doing?"

"We're going to dance." He pulls Lucy close and slow dance with brunette. "You told me, you've never been to a prom. So, I'm thinking of just allowing you to experience it."

"All of a sudden?"

He casually shrugs. "We only live once anyway."

Lucy chuckles and enjoys the moment. "What would you do Finn?"

"What would I do?"

The brunette nods her head. "What would you do if you were presented with the realities of falling in love?"

"I also don't know to be honest." He says. "But that's just because maybe it happens you know?"


"When you fall in love you'll just know... whether it's laughing from their jokes, looking through their eyes or-"

"Or just laying down watching the stars?" Lucy cuts his explanation off.

Christian smiles. "That—and slow dancing underneath them."

Lucy chuckles and Christian was surprised to treat it as some kind of music for him. "I think you're right."

"About what?"

"About falling in love." Both of them looked at one another. "When you fall in love, you just know."


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