Through The Night



"Capatain, we're already entering the Earth'a axis. ETA is three hours."

"Copy that Pilot Gray."

"HQ is already informed of our early arrival." Asher informs. "We're already—"

"What is it?" Christian asks in his seat and focused on the road ahead of them. "Asher—"

"It's a call from Earth."

"From Mason?"

"From your wife, Captain."

The control room was dead silent and the boosting engine from the spacecraft was the only thing that could be heard. It took another series of rings for Christian to pull himself up together and grabs the call from his screen. As soon as he accepts the call, Lucy's weak voice echoed through the surrounding. Making Christian once again overwhelmed with emotions, especially when Lucy dropped the news.



"She's so pretty Finn... Our baby girl is so beautiful."

Christian couldn't help but feel the thorn stuck in between his ribcage be removed. "Thank God... Thank God you're alive." He breathes out. "Oh God, thank you."

"She has my eyes babe... Goodness, she has round eyes like mine." The astronaut chuckles, imagining his wife's wonder at the new found life in her arms. "She sleeps like you though."

"Well, then she sleeps adorably."

"No, she sleeps with a lot of saliva." They laughed and Christian waits for his wife to continue. "We did it... We gave birth to a beautiful baby girl."

"You gave life to a beautiful baby girl babe. You did great." He compliments. "I am so proud of you."

"I did, did I?" There was another pause and the astronaut could hear his wife asking for the nurse to take care of their child. "I asked for them to take her to the nursery room."

"That's okay, you need rest anyway."

"Christian?" His wife's voice suddenly sounded different. "How far are you?"

"About three hours."

"Tell me, what's it like out there." She asks. "Do you like being out there?"

"Most of the times..." Christian could definitely tell that there was something different.

"Tell me about the stars... What kind of constellation do you see?"

He looks around at the variety of stars around them. "I see Centaurus, Crux... I can see Alpha and Proxima Centauri from distance too."

"You really are close... You are in Alpha Centauri right?"

"Yeah, yeah I am." He could notice the shakiness in his voice for some unknown reason. "So wait for me alright? Wait for me, Lucy."

"Sorry Finn... I think I'm going to be a rotten egg nebula soon..."

Tears were slowly apprearing on the edge of his eyelids. "No, you're not going to be a rotten egg nebula soon, do you hear me? Stars can live up to ten billion years and you're not even at the quarter of it yet, so don't say bullshit."

"I'm running out of hydro—"

"NO!" He slams his first on his armreasts. "JULIAN, WHAT THE HELL ARE WE STILL DOING OUT HERE?!"

"Captain, I'm doing everything I can—"

"Do something!"

"Chris, please calm down—"


"Christian, you need to listen to me okay?" His wife tries to interject.

"No, I am not going to listen to you! You're going to live okay? You're going to see me when I land, you're going to see our daughter grow up. We already agreed on who's going to be the bad cop as she growps up, remember?"

"Babe, I need you—"

"Lucy, you can't leave. Why can't you understand that? If you leave, who's going to talk to her while I'm in space? Who's going to say our love story to her? Sing to her as she falls asleep? Orient her about teenage hormones and sex? For pete's sake, what about grocery? You can't leave that all to me!"

"Babe, I thought we won't have arguments over the phone?" Lucy's voice echoed through again and he could feel his heart breaking bit by bit. "We both knew that this would happen eventually right? We agreed that if this day comes, we would make no objections, no restrictions or negativity. We agreed to welcome and accept it whole-heartedly remember?"

"How can I do that when I'm still here in space and you're there on Earth spending your last minutes that I am not around?! Lucy, don't you think this is unfair on my side? I need to be there for you! It's not just to me, to yourself as well and to—"

"Halley." Lucy completes his setence. "I've decided to name her Halley Lillian May."

"She can't even write and yet I believe she's going to have a hard time writing her full name."

"That's okay, at least people can have choices on what to call her." She says and he knows the latter has a smile plastered on her face. "What age do you think should we dye her hair blonde?"

"Lucy, don't, okay?"

His wife ignores his plead and immediately changes the topic. "I decided to call her that because it's a comet that apprears in a short amount of time yet still visible to the human eye. It only gets to appear in twice in a lifetime so, even though her name's that common, her meaning isn't, because she's very special. She's your Halley."

"No Lucy..." He trails off as tears finally escape from his eyes. "You're my first Halley."

The other line was silent and he knew he managed to make Lucy tear up too. "You think there's a space out there for me?" She sniffs out. "One that you could see from distance? Like somewhere 5 light years away?"

"A light year is equivalent to 9.4607 trillion kilometer away Lucy, I need you to be closer to me than that." He bites his lower lip and tries to keep hisself together.

"Can't believe your smart ass still sound so sexy to me."

"I'm on my way home. I'm so close, so please—"


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