Through The Night



"Where can I put these?"


"Over there honey."


"And these?"


"Just rigth beside mommy's name." A girl in her rich black locks places a small birthday cake with candle lightning. "Go on, greet her."


"Hi, mommy." She sheepishly says. "Happy birthday."


Christian smiles at his six-years-old daughter. "Do you want to tell moomy what happened in school today?"


"We did a show and tell at school today." Halley starts. "I told my classmates what dad does for a living and guess what? Everyone thought he was cool by the way, everyone was jealous because I have a dad who works in space..." She says. "But I told them that I wasn't going to show and tell dad. I told them about you, mom. My mommy who works as my guardian angel."


"I told them how you sacrificed your life for me and how you always make sure you don't get to miss my birthday... Dad found a huge box placed on your bed when he got home and I was still a baby. You wrote the words—for Halley and inside that box were letters you already wrote for me until my eighteenth birthday."


"I tell them how you would protect me all the time. Like the time where I forgot to tie my shoelace and I stop to tie them only to find out that some woman pulls me out and saves me or the teenage kid who pushed the grocery cart away from the falling stack of peanut butter jars. I alsotold them that you appear to me in my dreams and that usually happens when there's a falling star occuring. My classmates' parents were tearing up and I wondered why so, when I asked dad later that day, he told me that they just moved in your display of affection for me."


"I can't wait to read your next letter for me, which is next month. I think our family rocks, we have birthdays 3 moths in a row. " She smiles. "I wonder if they give you cake up there..." Halley looks up and noticed that the sun was almost setting down. "I love you mommy, happy birthday."


"Honey, can you play with Star and Comet for a while? I'm sure they missed being on the outside."


"Okay, dad!"


Christian smiles as she looks at the kid grabbing the kitty bag from their car. "Hey babe..." He breathes out. "Happy birthday."



"I won't tell you how have we been doing because I know for sure you're watching us every day. I know because you never fail to make me feel those little moments where I know you were just around us and as frightening as it can be, I am thankful that you do that at least I know, I'm not alone in raising Halley alone." He turns to his bag and pulls out a plaque. "I got you a birthday gift. By the way, I hope you like it."


It was a certificate that gives Christian the ownership of one of the stars in the skies.


"You finally got your wish Luna, you're officially a star right now... sorry, it took a while, but I managed to pull some strings and save up. I hope I am not too late though." He smiles. "Watch the stars with me tonight okay?"



Christian lies down right beside the grave and looks up, The sky hues turned from orange to red to fading blue until it was pure black. The moon was slowly showing herself and bit by bit, the stars slowly showed up in the sky. He looks around the vast space, remembering the good times that he had with his wife.



"Dad, can I join?"


"Sure, come here." He offers his hand to use as Halley's pillow. "Bucked up?"


The kid nods and focuses her eyes on the sky. "What is it like being out in space, dad?"


"It's like going to work as normal people do. Except for the fact that I usually have to stay there and make you stay with Auntie Mei and Uncle Mason for a while."


"I don't mind, Aunt Mei subtly acts like you so I assume mommy acts like Uncle Mason as well."


"You know I still connot believe that they manage to work things out between them. Did you know they met at your mommy's wake?" Christian shakes his head. "Even after death, your mommy made sure everyone she loves is okay."


"Do you think mommy likes our gift?"


"I'd like to think it that way."


"Mommy told me something on my fifth bithday card by the way." Halley shares and Christian waits for her daughter to open up because he had no absolute clue what were the letter's content. He didn't want to pry on someone else's belonging, even if it was for her daughter. "She told me the time she knew her feelings for you."


"She did?" Now Christian was even more intrigued. Lucy never told him about that. "Can you tell me what mommy said?"


"Well... I suppose she would like for you to know.." She answers. "She found out her feelings for you when you told her what falling in love would feel like."


He remembered that momery perfectly. "When you fall in love, you just know." Both of them said in unison.


Halley nods her head. "I did say her that."


"And mommy knew that you were the one. Because she said in the letter that every time she looks at you, she felt like coming home." Her duaghter continues. "Loving you made her feel the rush in her spine knowing that she was going to go home. At home where you can be yourself, be comfortable, vulnerable and show every bit of side you haven't shown to anyone else."


"Also loving you made mommy feel like coming home because you are her home, dad." Halley looks at him. "You always have been her home because every time she's with you, she's not the dying Lucy—she was Lucy. Just Lucy."


Christian feels himself tearing up hearing those words. "You want to know a secret too honey?"



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