Trust in Love

03. Alex?

When the last bell rang, Alex got up and sped through the halls. She felt two burning holes behind her back and it didn’t take much to guess on who she should blame.

Logan tried to follow but he since he was bulkier and taller than Alex, who was able to slip through the crowd easily, he couldn’t quiet keep up. When he reached the entrance, Alex was already skating out the gate.

So much for a talk, he huffed in his mind, checking his watch. It was time to head to the gym anyway. Whatever. He’ll catch him later.

Alex sighed. She had plans later in the day and if she had stayed to talk it out with Logan, who knew how long it would have taken. Even if it turned out to be short, Alex doubted it would have ended in a good mood. Altogether, it was better to put it off.

Stepping inside the house, Alex’s phone buzzed. She fished out her phone out of her pocket and kicked the door closed behind her.

The ID: “Mrs. G” flashed on the screen with a message about dinner. Alex replied quickly and went to the bathroom. The warm water from the shower helped wash away the tension on her muscles. Combined with scents of the shampoo and bath soap, it had been a mini therapeutic session that Alex needed badly.

She had about thirty minutes left to get to the restaurant. Dressed in a baby blue that she loved, Alex slipped on her favorite sneakers. She blow dried her hair then, wrapped it up in a cap and placed a blonde wig over it. To finish off, she added a bit of make-up. A blonde tint for her brows, a black eyeliner for eyes, a light coat of mascara for her lashes and a little tint on her lips as well as on her cheeks.

She grabbed a purse with her essentials and headed down the stairs.


Logan drove the familiar road to his house. He rolled his shoulders. Their coach worked them harder than normal since they had the semi-finals coming up. By the end of the week, he predicted that his arms and his legs would surely fall off.

A nice warm bath and some bubbles would surely cure his sore muscles. If only something similar could be used to cure his aching brain.

Logan heaved a sigh. Now that practice was over, nothing could distract him from the brat who ghosted him today.

What luck. He just had to be late this morning because his dog just had to run off as they walked by the park. Not only did he have a genderbending English project but also he had a stubborn male partner for it. Since no guy really looked forward to dress as a female, they had a chance to not do it.

Unfortunately, only one of them could.

Unfortunately, Alex didn’t make it easy.

For someone so quiet and serious, he thought Alex would understand and would make the sacrifice. Between them, Alex had a less exposed face to the school so he had the less chances of facing humiliation. It wasn’t like Logan wouldn’t help him, he definitely defend him to anyone who’d think of Alex as gay or some weird rumor.

Logan turned right on a corner. An orange cat walked across the road, a few feet in front of him. He hit the brakes, narrowly missing the cat.

“What the—” He gasped, “Damn. That was so close.”

As he shook his head, he caught sight of a house from the corner of his eye. He turned his head towards it.

The house wasn’t grand but it did have two stories. It had pastel yellow painted walls and dirty white roofs. The porch had a dark brown color with a red sofa swing. The garden out front was in good shape, kept clean and trimmed. Overall, the place had a homely feel to it.

But that wasn’t the reason it caught Logan’s attention.

A vague memory replayed in his head about a scrawny teenager walking out of the front door of this house one weekday morning with a black skateboard in hand. Their gazes had met as Logan drove by and he remembered that the person had gray eyes.

Oh, it was Alex. Logan thought, that’s right this is Alex’s house.

Satisfied with his realization, Logan began to drive again.


“Wait a minute! This is Alex’s house!” He voiced out in the car, “I could totally come over and talk to him! He wouldn’t be able to dodge me anymore!”

With that plan in mind, Logan parked the car in front of Alex’s house and walked up to the front door.

He knocked but no answer came.

So he knocked again.

Still no answer.

“Hello?” He shouted, knocking loudly several times. Alex couldn’t be avoiding him again after he saw Logan through the window, could it? Logan huffed. Since he was already by Alex’s house, he could at least try to reach the brat.

Logan held the door handle and gave it a squeeze. It turned effortlessly. He stood stunned at the development. Slowly, he opened the door. The thought of being caught trespassing briefly passed through his mind as he stepped inside.

The inside of the house was lit. In front of him was a staircase that led to the upper floor. On his right was a doorway leading to the kitchen while on his left was another door but this one led to the living room.

Light footsteps echoed from the left doorway and soon a girl appeared before his eyes.

“Aunt Lilly, I—” she began to say but she stopped when she saw Logan, her thin glossy lips parting as she gasped.

Logan couldn’t help but stare.

The girl had the shiniest honey blond hair he had ever seen. It framed her face in waves, complimenting her fair skin. The dress she wore hugged her upper body to emphasize her curves and her physique. The pair of heels on her feet elongated and sculpted her smooth legs.

But something about her bothered Logan. Her facial features reminded him of someone—especially her luminous gray eyes.

“A—Alex?” He choked, “You’re a girl?!”


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