Under the Dark Clouds

Chapter 20 Part

*Boom Boom* 

What in the world? 


Why is Shakira on full blast? Ugh I sit up to see no ones here and I get up and I walk to the kitchen to see a shirtless Zainden cleaning the kitchen. Boy what a view, his perfect, tone, tan abs and oh a girl can melt by this scene. 

"Hey sleepy what woke you up?" He winks at me. "I would ask Shakira that but you are way noisier then her guitar and drums beating my eardrums out," I say sarcastically and he laughs and hugs me and I run my arms up to his biceps and lord what would it feel like to feel his body........I think I'm melting. 

"I'm sorry for waking your lazy ass up." He smiles tilting my head up. "So romantic." I roll my eyes and he chuckles, "Never said I was." He smiles down at me. "Give you that." I smile and he leans down and kisses me softly.

"Oh, Bo what are you doing to me?" He asks as he breaks away from the kiss and he puts our foreheads together. "I'm asking the same question," I whisper and I pull him in for a deeper kiss and it got hot very fast. Zainden grabs my thighs and he picks me up and I wrap my legs around his torso and he puts me on the kitchen island and we have not stopped kissing and I don't want to. 

"Wait," I say breaking the kiss and out of breath. "What?" He asks out of breath. "Ruby's birthday," I whisper and he chuckles. "Oh yea, how about you go get ready and I'll clean up." He smiles kissing the tip of my nose and I nod and jump down from the island I run up to my room.

I take a quick shower and I put on light blue, ripped denim skinny jeans and a white ruffle back tank and I put on black vans and I scrunch my hair and pin it to the side and I put on mascara and mineral powder and some pink lipstick.

I head downstairs to see everything is clean. Wow, I must have had taken a while or Zainden is really fast. "Hey, you're done. Come on let's go." Zainden says grabbing my hand and we walk to the jeep?

"How did Princeston and Ruby leave?" I ask him. "Oh, Princeston called a taxi." He says starting the car and we head to a little nearby town. 

"Hey what colors should I get her?" Zainden says looking at the balloon and streamers. "Well her favorite colors are pink and baby blue. So I am guessing those." I say and Zainden laughs, "Of course those would be her favorite colors. She is so fuckin girly." He tosses in the streamers and balloons. "Yup," I say popping the p at the end.

"So what about you? What's your favorite color?" He asks me as I put plastic plates in the cart. "Mine are red and purple," I say grabbing plastic cups. "Ew, those colors don't go together for shit." He cringes his nose.  

"So I love those colors. What about you Mr. Grey eye? What are your favorite colors let me guess black and grey." I snap at him and he laughs. "Um No, they are black and red." He smirks and I roll my eyes and walk over to another section. 

"Hey, should we throw confetti on her?" I ask him as I am looking at bags of confetti. "No, we should throw cold water at her." He says grabbing the confetti out of my hands. "You are so mean!" I laugh throwing in six bags of confetti in the cart. "Hey that's what I'm doing for your birthday so remember that." He says walking behind me as I reach the helium balloon section. 

"When is your birthday anyway?" He asks me as I look at this cute purple balloon. "Mine is on July eighteen." I smile. 

"Hi, can you fill those balloons up please?" I say to the person in charge of the balloon section. 

"Wow perfect. It will be hot." He winks at me. "Okay so when's your birthday?" I ask him and he smiles. "On Halloween." He says and I gasp and turn to face him. "No way!" I say smiling and he smiles back and nods. "It's true. Ask Reeper, he knows." He smiles showing off his dimples.

"Here you go Ms." The man says giving me eight balloons and we pay for everything and we head to the car. 

"So where are we going to get the cake from?" I ask him. "Well, I was thinking about the little bakery just a few blocks down." He says driving. "Okay," I say looking out of the window and he parks at the little bakery and we walk in look at the cakes but I do not like any of them. 

"Hey, Boo come here!" Zain yells and I walk over to see a cute pink, two-layered cake it had a tiara on top of it and on the bottom layer said, princess. "It's perfect." I smile up at Zainden and he laughs. 

"Mrs. We would like this one please," Zainden says politely. "Yes, sir would you like me to write anything on it? Maybe the age or happy birthday?" She asks looking at me and Zainden. "Um, yes can you put the age and then Happy Birthday Ruby." He says smiling. "Yes, what's the age maybe five or six?" She asks.

Zainden and I look at each other and laugh, "Eighteen." We both say in sync and the women give us a small kind smile. "Okay, it will be ready shortly." She says piping frosting on it. 


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