Under the Rain

Chapter Two

I jump slightly and I get off of Ruby and she looks at me confused. "What?" She asks me and I look back at the window and the person was gone. What the hell is going on? 

"I......I think the neighbor saw us." I stutter and Ruby's eyes widen. "What? Was he cute? How old did he look?" She fixes her hair and stands up and checks the window but there's no one there. 

"I don't know I just saw a guy covered in black," I whisper to her and she turns to me and laughs. "Oh, shit girl you saw the grim reaper! Oooo!" She laughs tickling my sides and I smack her hands away from me. 

"I swear I saw someone I'm not crazy," I say walking behind her as she jumps onto my bed. "I never said you were sister, just calm down and maybe it was the neighbor and thought we were crazy and left." She shrugs. 

"Yea. See told you we would end up scaring the neighbors away." I laugh and I run downstairs because I'm starving and I want a snack. I look into the pantry and I see a bag of chips on the top of the shelf and I can't reach it. 

I end up climbing the countertop and I grab it and as I start climbing down my foot slips and I squeal and I jump off and I land on my feet and I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding in. 

"Damn you are so short!" Ruby says and I look back at her and I flip her off and I open the bags of chips and I eat one and yup this was so worth almost dying for. 

"Shut up, because I grew one inch," I say and she laughs. "So what you're like 5'3 now?" She laughs. "Hahaha, I'm 5'3 and a half," I say and she busts out laughing and I roll my eyes and I walk upstairs and I sit down and I eat my chips. 

"Hey stop being a fat ass and pass me over the chips will you?" She says grabbing my chips and shoving them in her mouth and then we both start watching Disturbia and that movie is so creepy and I swear I would never want a neighbor like him.

"Omg dude imagine if your new neighbor was like that?" Ruby asks me and I look at the window to see black curtains blocking it, when did those get there? "Please don't jinx me," I whine and Ruby yells. 

"I bet you a hundred bucks that your neighbor is some old, ratchet, grumpy man. Oh, dude what if he's a perv? You better close those curtains because you know not every neighbor is going to be a hot hunk like Zainden and Princeston." She pokes my sides and then she stops and looks at me. 

"Fuck I'm a sorry girl, I didn't mean to bring him up. Oh, I'm so stupid." Ruby says and I laugh at her. "It's fine that was in the past and I have moved on," I say proudly and she smiles slowly. "Good! Now we should spy on your neighbor and see if he's a pervert or what's up with this guy." She says walking up to my window and looking out of it. 

"Yea no because what if he is some kind of killer and he catches us watching him and do you know what happens to people who get caught? They get eliminated!" I say and she laughs. "You are very open-minded. Oh wow, I didn't know that house had a pool." She says.

"Oh yea they do, except it's always like super dirty but since they found out people were finally going to move in they cleaned it for free," I say as I start channel surfing. 

"Man, why can't I see anyone? And don't you think it's weird that your neighbor already put black curtain? Because I don't know about you but that spells out shady and killer or rapist." She says. 

"Maybe they like it to be dark all the time or.........." Ruby cuts me off, "Or they can be a vampire!" 

"Or they can really like the color black." I finish my sentence and she shakes her head. "No, I'm going with mine." She says and I laugh and I end up on the Syfy channel and Fright Night was on, oh what a coincidence. 

"Ha see that vampire movie is on! Its a sign that your neighbor is a vampire." She says jumping on my bed next to me. "Well, then that must mean he's hot." I wink and she laughs. "Oh please, I doubt you have the luck to have two hot guys living next to you again! If you do then you are one lucky bitch!" She yells and I push her off the bed again. 

"Shut up!" I say and she looks at me, "Oh bitch it's on!"


Edited: 04.01.2020

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