Under the Rain

Chapter Fourteen

“Bo, we have to do something…” Ruby sounds worried. 

“I know…”I pace around the room. 

“We have to tell someone.”

“I know…”

“Bo this is serious.”

“I know.”

“Jesus fuck Bo! Can you stop saying I know!” She gets irritated 

“Sorry.” I stop and stare at it and walk towards it and as I’m about to grab the photos Ruby stops me. 

“Bo, no!”

“Why not? I’m just going to grab the pictures.” I reassure her. 

“Bo, we don’t know what the fuck this is and I rather not leave our fingerprints on it.” Her voice is shaky. 

“Oh, I know.” I run to my room and grab a pair of latex gloves and hand a pair to Ruby.

“Bo? We aren’t in the CIA.” 

“Ruby just shut up.” I grab the pictures and notice it’s my father when he was younger and my mother. 

“Holy fuck they were young..” Ruby whispers. 

“Yea..” I see a family picture and I see my dad had a motorcycle and then I see a group pictures but he wasn’t in it. Why would he have a picture of just a group of guys? 

“Wow, these guys look scary.” Ruby searches the safe for more pictures. 

“Bo…”She pulls out a picture of Zainden and I starring at each other, “Why would your father have a picture of you and your ex?” 

“I don’t know Ruby... I found pictures of all us.” I hand her the pictures from before and she starts shaking. 

“Bo whatever your dad is in is serious because these seem like someone has been stalking all of us..” I notice her eyes are getting watery. 

“Hey, hey. Sophia nothing is going to happen to calm down.” I hug her. 

“Bo we need to tell someone. What if we tell Reeper? He’s in this too, maybe he can help.” But maybe Reeper is hiding some stuff too. 

“No,” I say quickly

“Why not?” She sniffs. 

“Because…” I look around for any ideas, “Because we don’t know what this is yet and I don’t want him in this yet okay... Maybe bringing more people into this might get us into more trouble than keeping this quiet and acting like nothing happened and we nothing…” I make her comprehend. 

“Look Ruby no matter what you can’t tell Princeston what we found because it might get you into a bigger mess than there might be. For all, we know these people are just looking for my father and if you say you know what’s going on they might come after you.” 

“Trying to shut us up..” She whispers as her eyes grow wide. 

“Exactly. Plus we might just be exaggerating and my father just left on goodwill. I’m going to investigate more and try to sneak around but for now, since we have nothing but missing puzzle pieces we can’t say anything okay..” I caress her face and wipe her tears away. 

“Yeah okay..” She sniffs. 

“Good, lets put some stuff back and go to bed for school tomorrow,” I whisper and we start cleaning. 

5 Days Later

“Oh sorry.” I smile as I get shoved by a lady as I’m walking into the boxing gym. 

I walk inside and I see women fighting and men lifting and people screaming, man this place stinks like must and rubber. I stop as I see these older women fighting and I just watch intently as one punches her in the face and she gets back up and jumps it off and covers herself and then swings into her ribs and I winch as I see her welp and start breathing harder. 

“Hi, can I help you?” I hear a deep voice ask and my heart starts beating hard. I turn around and see it’s Zainden’s old trainer. 

“Oh, I remember you. You were with Ryder, right?” He smiles as he remembers me. 

“Yea. You were his trainer.” I smile shyly. 

“Indeed but the question is why are you here?” He asks me and right there my heart starts beating again because of why or how am I going to tell him now. I don’t want to seem suspicious and say the wrong thing. I look at the women fighting and he chuckles. 

“Don’t tell me that you wanna fight now?” He points at the girls. 

“Well.” I blush slightly, “I need to start working out more and I needed a gym and thought of this one.” I stutter.

“So you just want to work out?” He raises his brow. 

“Yes….” I nod and he laughs, what is he laughing about? 

“Bo, this isn’t the best place to work out at. These people are tough skin and once they see a little girl like you here they are going to eat you alive.” I look around to see a bunch of intimidating guys here. 


Edited: 04.01.2020

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